Neighbors Hear Tears And Cries In The House Of The Retired Couple. What The Police Discover Is Shocking

We feel tired, we have wrinkles, we have our backs curved, the sight fails us, our skin wither, our hair abandons us and the little remaining becomes gray; such is the picture of old age, also called old age. The fourth age comes when the state of the person requires dependence on others. The dependence of the elderly is reflected in their inability to perform the simple actions of everyday life. A care system for these people is set up to provide them with moral and financial support.

A Swedish saying says: "young people go in bands, couples go two together, old with solitude". Even as a couple, older people feel lonely and in need of social relationships.

Many old couples find themselves living alone in a house, sharing a daily life increasingly difficult and precarious because of their state of health that is deteriorating day by day, and when loneliness takes over, a negative emotional state prevails, plunging these people into distress and anguish.

The story of an old couple in Rome

On a hot summer day, the Rome police were alerted by the neighborhood about a senior couple, who were shouting and screaming loudly from their homes. Immediately police officers went to the couple's home in the district of Appio. In the apartment, they found Jole 89 years old and Michele 94 years old.

Neighbors hear crying and screaming in retired couple's house

To their surprise, the officers found no trace of crime or theft as they are used to find homes old couples who are often robbed. Instead, they found Jole and Michele sitting in front of their television set as usual, to keep themselves company, looking at the news, looking sorry and sorry to see so much misery in the world without anyone 'intervene to remedy it. Their only meal was a piece of bread and withered grapes on the table.

The finding of the police was disastrous: this old couple did not need to be saved from theft or swindle but rather from their alarming loneliness and the miserable situation of their old age.

Despite the love they felt for each other, this couple suffered, especially during holidays when almost the entire neighborhood was absent, where all human contact was non-existent. Then their loneliness turned into tears and their distress, howling. They were simply two solitary souls lacking affection and attention. When their state of despair reached the maximum point, they shrieked as if to free themselves from the weight of anguish that tugged at them, as if to express their distress and sadness at having been abandoned when they were in a state of fragility. the age and vulnerability of emotion.

Empathy of police officers

Usually, when the police are arrested in case of trouble, their role is to restore order and to fill all kinds of administrative documents. But the officers empathized for this unfortunate couple, instead made the decision to prepare a meal, certainly simple, but consistent until the arrival of help to check their health.

This old couple needed to be reassured and there is nothing better than human warmth to restore tranquility and serenity to a person's heart.

Neighbors hear crying and screaming in retired couple's house

The nice police improvised a dish of dough with butter and parmesan and surrounded the old couple with their affection while entertaining them. But the most important thing is that their dish was embellished with a main and precious ingredient: the humanity of the officers.

While so many people feel disturbed by the presence of others, this old couple on the contrary, would have liked just a comforting presence from time to time.

Since then, their story has been broadcast on social networks and the couple has received many messages of support and compassion but also words of gratitude to the police whose humanitarian gesture and the beautiful act of kindness, moved and conquered the heart thousands of users.

In front of so much sadness and brutality of a mad world, there is, thankfully, the goodness, the respect, the sweetness and the love of humanity. Some older couples, even living together, experience social isolation resulting in a lack of human contact that is especially due to the inconvenience of deteriorating health, loss of memory, and reduced financial resources. As a result, there is a social problem that can worsen if support measures are not taken with respect to these people.

Let's stay with our old parents, help them as best we can, they gave us so much so do not abandon them to their sad fate to the point of shouting in despair.
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