Message To All Grandparents: We Tell You Thank You, We Would Never Have Done It Without You

Grandparents have always played a leading role in the family and especially in the development of grandchildren. Their presence comforts and their solidarity reassures. They are a blessing for many parents because they can be available in all the trials of life to give them help and support.

Some grandparents may not be available for reasons of health, remoteness, lack of time if they are still active or simply because of lack of interest. However, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to all loving grandparents.

Message To All Grandparents

Thank you for your presence
You are the pivot and the core of the family. You are always present for your grandchildren when needed and you do your best according to your ability; you give each of our children the feeling of being unique; you remain attentive to their needs and their daily pleasures.

Thank you for keeping our children while we work
You relieve our workload and you help our children even for their homework. You support them and help them overcome difficult challenges. You reassure us and we are no longer worried since our children are in good trustworthy and dedicated hands. We know you will have control. Thank you for the changed diapers, for the bottles given and for the toilet done. Thank you for the lullaby sung to make them sleep. Thank you for all the care our children receive when we are away.

Thank you for the kindness you give to our children
Your affection for our children is important; it is a source of appeasement and serenity for them. You are here to pamper our children with small gifts, certainly, but big in the eyes of our toddlers. You reassure our children about their intelligence, their appearance and their creativity. You are funny, dedicated, patient and compassionate. Thank you for your treats, for the games you participate with our children even if your bones suffer. Thanks to Grandma for introducing our children to cooking classes.

Thank you for your diplomacy
You are there when our child becomes a teenager, gets away from us and gets closer to you. You are there to help him find his identity by what we are outdated. You are here to support us when we are in conflict with this teenager "bad in his sneakers" who has no desire to compromise with his own parents.

Thank you for passing on the values of the family
You are the transmitters of the memory, principles and values of the family. You are the storytellers of the story of our entire generation to which our children will identify to build.

Thank you for respecting our choices
You help us, you support us and you respect our educational choices whether they are family or school. You allow our children to become adults, fulfilled, with a family spirit and collective anchoring.

We understand at the same time that you can not be there all the time; sometimes you are tired, sometimes you are far away or you are not available but we will never know how to thank you. No gift will be worthy of your efforts. Sometimes we feel sad and guilty because we enjoy your generosity, your compassion and your stability.

All we can do today is to express our gratitude and to tell you loudly that we love you, we appreciate you, and we will never thank you enough. We understand today that your task as parents when we were born was not easy. We beg your pardon! You are our angels come down from heaven. Thank you !
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