Her Husband Is Cheating On Her, She Decides To Send A Totally Awesome Letter To The Mistress!

If there is one thing that all couples fear, it is unfaithfulness. Indeed, this betrayal is causing tremendous suffering for each partner but also for the rest of the family. Thus, at the announcement or the discovery of an infidelity, the reactions of the partners are multiple, ranging from violence to the imperial need to find a culprit and to take revenge.

However, be aware that all revenge is not equal. One of the best is surely that of this wife and mother, Melanie. Far from the classic schema of the woman who becomes hysterical and does nonsensical things, she pondered every word she wrote in a letter to her husband's mistress. Here is its content:

"Thank you Jennifer,

To have left scars of bites all over my husband's chest last night.

No, really, thank you very much! You have no idea of the nightmare you just saved, my children and me. In exchange, I offer you my husband and if you agree to keep it, here are some rules to take into account:

1. You will have to support his financial needs. Indeed, since we have 2 children (as you already know) and it's been 12 years since I was a stay-at-home mother because Monsieur preferred that I stay at home, he will have no choice but to pay child support and me. So, forget about his money because it's mine!

2. You will have to dress him up completely. After discovering the pretty bites you left on the chest of my husband when he came out of our (finally my) shower, his clothes have disappeared by magic! Therefore, it will reach you almost naked (lucky) and you can dress it as you please. Make yourself happy, buy him a leash, a leather suit or a nice little set!

3. You will not see him every weekend because he will have to return to his role as a father and visit his children. However, as he openly admitted (in front of several people) that you were only a "stupid alcoholic slut" that he had met in a "house of drug addicts", these visits - limited and supervised - will be strictly forbidden. . It's all about the safety of my children!

4. You will not have a fulfilling physical intimacy life. Since his back injury, 4 years ago, he is not as good in bed as he seems. Too bad for you because he was the BEST in the world and we did it all the time. Moreover, after many attempts, I can guarantee that this injury is not healing and that we will have to deal with!

5. You will not be able to return him to me. I would NOT want it in any case. From the moment he touched you, he broke his family life and the best wife he could have in his life. Let's be honest, you will never be at my height and it will make you unhappy for that.

6. He will hold you responsible for ALL that happens. And he's already doing it because he told me with tears in his eyes that you would have liked me to see you having sex. Besides, he was so angry that you said that he apologized after I punched him in the face. Yes, I know that violence is bad and even if I had never hit someone before, I do not regret having done it (or only not having targeted below).

7. This one is not really a rule but rather a friendly warning. Know that I will do everything in my power to understand what he did and hate you because hurting you as much as you hurt my children will be my new hobby. I spent 12 years of my life with him and I know him better than anyone so do not trust his smile on the face. And if you ask yourself the question, yes I feel totally entitled to do so.

So thank you, Jennifer stupid alcoholic bitch met in a house of drug addicts who left scars of bites on the chest of my husband last night, for showing me that 12 years of marriage and 2 children are worthless in your eyes . I applaud you very much for your victory. IT IS ALL TO YOU! "
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