Do Not Leave Your Children Alone Without Supervision

Drowning is one of the most common causes of death in young children, as only a few inches of water are needed for the tragedy to occur. Many parents know that not looking away for a few seconds can clearly be a matter of life and death.

Children drowning

For accidents involving children under 6 years of age, they represent 1/5 of all cases reported and 7% of total accidents resulting in death.

During the summer, most of these incidents take place at sea. According to the latest figures, pool drownings represent 24% of the total, of which 14% occur in a family pool, 5% in swimming pools. hotels or campsites and 5% in paid-access swimming pools, whether public or private.

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

It only took a few minutes of inattention

Julia was fighting a stubborn flu and needed to go to the bathroom. Meanwhile, his daughter, Jayah, was sitting in front of the TV in the living room. But when Julia returned a few minutes later, her daughter was no longer there. However, she saw that the back door of the house was open, she suddenly had cold sweats.

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

Julia immediately realized that her baby had gone to the backyard, where there was a pool. The mother, distraught, ran for a most terrifying vision. Her daughter was floating in the pool, she started screaming and immediately pulled her daughter out of the water, the latter probably had spent about 5 minutes in the pool.

"What I went through was horrible, it's the worst thing ever. You know, as a parent responsible for her, telling me that she went to the pool and seeing her lying down here is extremely hard. "

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

When the first ambulance arrived home, Julia sat in an adjacent room while the rescue team worked fervently to revive her child. The little girl was then transported to the Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, where the doctors gave her a most annoying statement: "We are sorry, there is nothing we can do. "

Jayah was pronounced dead an hour and a half after her mother found her in the family pool.

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

And that's where the unexpected happens

While the parents were still in shock at the latest statement from the medical team, a nurse entered the waiting room and informed the family that things had suddenly changed: Jayah was breathing!

Julia said, "I just looked at her as if I did not understand the language she was talking about, because we had been sitting there for an hour, saying our baby was gone forever. "

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

When the nurses went into the room to take the baby's body and take it to the coroner for an autopsy, the child suddenly coughed. Then the staff realized that she had come back to life. She was transported by helicopter to Phoenix Children's Hospital, where she was between life and death.

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

The experts told the parents not to be very optimistic, because according to them, the children never really recover drownings.

"It was awful to sit there and ask, 'Will his brain still work?' Will she go as well as before? Julia explains.

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

Although the danger is not at all far away, the miracle was part of it

It took a long time for Jayah to return to normal. She had to learn to walk, talk and laugh again. After several weeks in the hospital the little girl was finally ready to go home. The doctors and nurses who witnessed the facts said they had never seen anything like this in 20 years of experience.

The mother says, "I'm just grateful to God for giving us this gift for us to say, we had a miracle called" Jayah "! "

Do not leave your children alone without supervision

Julia still has not been able to completely get rid of her feelings of guilt but hopes above all that her painful experience will ensure that parents think ten times before leaving their child alone, if only for a few minutes.
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