Her Brother Insists On Staying By Her bedside And Saying Goodbye

Losing a person dear to one's heart and especially when it is part of our family is a test that at first glance may seem completely insurmountable. Mourning a parent, a husband, or a brother or sister is one of the most difficult and painful things in the world. As was the case for Addalyn's family of Addy, who has suffered from a brain tumor, which will have shaken her parents and her little brother, Jackson.

Her Brother Insists On Staying By Her bedside And Saying Goodbye

Announcement of the disease
In November 2016, four-year-old Adalynn Sooter was diagnosed with a brain tumor and more specifically with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, a very rare and aggressive form of tumor more commonly contracted in children between five and nine years of age.

Her Brother Insists On Staying By Her bedside And Saying Goodbye

Although the diagnosis of the doctors was without call and without real hope of remission of the disease, Addy underwent dozens of sessions of radiotherapy and even benefited from an experimental treatment within a specialized center in Mexico which allowed to make the tumor regress for a while until it is announced that the disease has spread to the spine.

After this irreversible announcement, the family could not help but resign themselves to accepting this harrowing news and profit as much as possible from the time remaining in Addy.

The parents struggled to find the words to explain and make it clear to her brother Jackson that his little sister was about to leave them and that they should enjoy his presence until the end.

Matt, their father, shared a heart-breaking photo on social media where you can see his son Jackson, six years old at the bedside of his little sister to support, comfort and accompany her in the last moments of life ; totally inconceivable situation especially for children still young.

Their life should be rather careless, games and discoveries and especially after sharing the sandbox and swing, punishments and the four hundred strokes of childhood between brother and sister.

Losing a brother or sister can be very unsettling. Moreover, whatever the circumstances of death, the course of mourning and the future are essentially conditioned by the nature of the relationship with the missing person.

Intrinsic pontine glioma diffuse

Addy, who was diagnosed at just four years old, is one of the youngest cases that doctors have had the opportunity to diagnose. Only 200 to 300 children in the United States develop this type of tumor each year. It is located at the base of the brain and the top of the spine and spreads very rapidly. Research has not yet determined their origin.

The tumor progressively affects vision and balance, heart rate, breathing and swallowing. The pressure of the tumor on the brain area, called "pons", is responsible for a number of fundamental functions of the body, such as breathing, sleep and blood pressure. Some of the first symptoms of the tumor are problems of facial weakness, eye movements, difficulty walking, unusual limb movements and balance problems becoming more and more constant.

Radiation therapy is the most commonly used treatment to try to treat the disease since this kind of tumor can not be stopped by surgery and many children with brainstem glioma are treated with experimental treatments. These clinical trials tend to find new ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer.

Most people with this type of tumor live only nine months after the first diagnosis and some do not even survive long enough to receive radiation therapy. Only 10% of children with DIPG survive two years after their diagnosis, and less than 1% survive at least five years.

The girl's parents said they had donated Addy's tumors, brain and spine to the research, hoping to save other children.

This story, although sad, is touching and moving. It shows the importance of the family and the bonds between brother and sister. The love and support of this little boy and the parents have certainly allowed Little Addy to make her last trip in peace.
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