Boys’ Swim Trunks Have Harmful Feature : Mom Warns Parents Of The Dangers Of Buying This Kind Of Swimming Short

Summer is often synonymous for us all, sun, heat and swimming. Swimsuits, sarongs and other beach towels invading our environment for our greatest pleasure. Unfortunately, this can also be synonymous with drama as bitter experience Jack Collins, a little boy aged 5 years came to spend family holidays in Spain. The disruptive element: the lining of his swimsuit can, as we can discover here, be dangerous.

Poor Jack's mother, Laura Collins, probably did not suspect that having her boyfriend put on a swimsuit for bathing would have such repercussions and that her day would be spoiled. And yet, during a summer vacation and after the traditional swim, Jack's mom is about to take off his swimsuit. How stupefied she was when she heard her howling and saw her son writhing in pain for no really apparent reason.

What to do when we have to do with this kind of incident?

It was then that she noticed that the little boy's penis was trapped in the nets of the swimsuit's lining and that this had probably happened when he was swimming in the pool. She had tried to get rid of it, it only added to Jack's pain.

The hour being serious, she immediately went to the reception of the hotel where they were staying. He was advised to drive Jack to the local hospital without further delay. On the spot, the medical team not being able to unload either Jack of meshes of the net surrounding his penis, this one was led in another hospital where he was practiced a local anesthesia in order to be able to release it without pain and without his genitals being damaged by such compression that could have had catastrophic consequences.

How can wearing this type of swimsuits can be dangerous?

A priori, it would not be the first incident of its kind caused by the net meshes of swimsuits and it was advised to Laura Collins to wear Jack underwear under his shirt to avoid the risk that the incident is not renewed one day. 

Indeed, boy's swimwear almost all contain a mesh lining to hold the genitals in place. But if the swimsuit is not very good quality or even worn, there is a risk that the mesh of the net is damaged and as for the case of Jack, twists around the genitals can thus , provoke at first, violent pains. 

The company Tesco, which produces and distributes the model of the offending jersey, apologized for the incident which in their opinion, would be more than one incident isolated and committed to conducting an investigation while ensuring that the mesh net swimsuit meets the standards and regulations in force.

Mom Warns Parents Of The Dangers Of Buying This Kind Of  Swimming Short

To avoid this kind of inconvenience, it is advisable to regularly renew the purchase of swimsuits with mesh nets or simply to wear a swimming pool suit or underwear under the swimsuit to little boys , which will prevent the child's genitals from being in direct contact with the lining.
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