Before Euthanizing Your Dog Or Cat, Veterinarians Want Owners To Know The Truth.

What's more enjoyable than being welcomed at home by our beloved pet. Cat and Dog are part of everyday life in many homes. We take care of them by taking care of their health, their nutrition and their hygiene. In return, they show us their affection, gratitude and loyalty and sometimes our safety when it comes to watchdogs.

According to a study by Professor Allen McConnel of the University of Miami, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, pets have a positive effect on our health to the extent that they provide us with well-being; it is all the more pleasing in people suffering from depression or loneliness. They also provide us with moral and social support when we are experiencing rejection or emotional pain. They can simply provide emotional support, similar to that of a friend.

Before Euthanizing Your Dog Or Cat, Veterinarians Want Owners To Know The Truth.

A few decades before, some people had a human / animal relationship, to say the least unusual, insofar as they did not really care about the life of their domestic companion. It was enough that a health problem arises in the animal so that they euthanize it and look for another one. Today, a fundamental change has emerged in the design of this relationship. Unanimously, these animals are an integral part of our family and the decision of euthanasia is no longer taken lightly but after many reflections.

Also, when our pet is suffering from a serious and incurable disease, we feel a lot of emotions and pains, especially when it comes to killing this animal that we loved and cherished. This act is sometimes necessary to shorten its suffering, but this responsibility, which is the responsibility of the owner, is often heavy to bear.

This grief was experienced by Arin when the radical diagnosis was made about his dog Barky, 14 years old.

Torn between suffering and killing

Barky had long suffered from a serious respiratory problem. The vet diagnosed him with severe and congestive heart failure; it caused him a lot of exhaustion and suffering. So his heart was no longer able to pump blood through his body. He risked suffering a painful death. Unable to play, to walk without running out of steam, to feed himself enough, and above all else, he suffered enormously; There was no other way than to shorten his pains with euthanasia.

Euthanasia: How does it work.

Irvin wanted to post on social networks, the necessary information of the process of euthanasia. For the moral well-being of any owner so that they live this experience serenely, It is important to know how the process of euthanasia takes place in a veterinarian.

First there is the process of falling asleep by the injection of a sedative that will allow him to put himself in a state of deep sleep.

Subsequently, once asleep, the veterinarian injects a drug that stops the functioning of the central nervous system.
During these operations, your pet will not feel any pain and will simply seem to sleep deeply.

When to make the euthanasia decision

It is good to know that a pet lives constantly in the present moment and in view of his illness, he can no longer enjoy pleasant moments in the here and now. The fateful decision therefore belongs to the owner. However, this decision should not be taken hastily. Several options for treatment that can improve your health should be explored, and all possible options should be explored before the final decision on euthanasia can be made.

When you see that because of a serious illness, your dog or cat, can not play, can not run after a ball, can not eat his favorite food and, above all, suffers terrible pain, you suffer as much than him, psychologically. We can then pretend that the euthanasia decision can be a proof of love towards your animal. But it's a free choice that belongs to everyone.
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