A Woman Finds An Abandoned Baby Buried Alive. 20 Years Later She Receives A Call That Changes Everything

For many people, the birth of a child is a moment of well planned and expected joy. But unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Some parents suddenly, driven by the fear of not being able to assume the education and the care of the baby, resort to methods undoubtedly reprehensible in order to get rid of this responsibility and it is this kind of situations which gave birth to the phenomenon of abandoned babies.

The abandonment of babies

Until the 16th century, this phenomenon was of great rarity in our society, because such an act was formally prohibited and punished by the Church, the parents involved were even likely to be sentenced to death. On the other hand, illegitimate births from out-of-wedlock relationships were seen as a major sin, and mothers who had unwanted pregnancies did not hesitate to shorten the lives of their offspring.

Today, although the phenomenon is still restricted, this does not prevent it from being more common than before, especially with the democratization of the practice of adoption. Some parents, fearing family judgment, lack of resources or just the fact that the baby in question is a brake in their personal lives, allow themselves to leave their children shortly after birth in places as unlikely as garbage , toilets or even by the roadside.

An unusual findings
On the evening of Saturday, May 16, 1998, Azita Milanian jogged with her dogs in Southern California. During his run, one of his dogs suddenly stopped and started digging. When she stopped to look at what her dog had just found, she was shocked to see two small feet coming out of the ground.

She supposed that the child in front of her was dead, until he started crying unexpectedly. She then dug up the newborn baby at full speed, the latter had its umbilical cord still hanging from his belly button.

"Please do not die ... I'll never leave you, I love you. She said to the newly dug up baby.

The baby was hanging on to life

"He grabbed my wrist and stopped crying. It was very moving. Azita said. She rushed to the nearest hospital, where the baby received immediate care. His body temperature was very low but he had survived.

A month later, the police received an anonymous phone call from a woman claiming to be the mother. She asked what would be her punishment before hanging up right after. The authorities suspected that the mother was very young and probably panicked after giving birth, which would have pushed her to throw her child in this way.

Azita was considering adopting Christian herself, but after all the attention the media gave to this case, she thought it would be easy to find her parents. For a while, she tried to be aware of what Christian was doing. But after its adoption, it was no longer possible. She dreamed that he could one day find her as she had done.

The years pass but nothing bury the past

For 20 years, she had no news of the boy she had found. Fortunately, Christian had been adopted by a good family. They loved him and called him Matthew and kept Christian as his middle name.

It was only at the age of 17 that he discovered that his parents were not his biological parents. At the age of 20, a radio show heard Matthew's story and approached him, asking if he planned to take a DNA test and broadcast the results live. He accepted and the producers of the show also invited Azita.

The meeting was wonderful and Azita was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the baby she had saved several years earlier had been adopted by a kind family.

Matthew said he could not imagine a better education than the one he received. The day of the meeting was her birthday, Azita took the opportunity to take her to the place where she had found it 20 years ago, which gave rise to a very moving moment.

Christian's example is that of many babies who end up, for one reason or another, rejected by theirs. Except that he was lucky to be found and collected by people with a big heart. This proves once again that humanity and the power of love are beyond blood ties.
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