A Mother Discovers Huge Blisters Under The Feet Of Her Baby: A Few Days Later, She Discovers The Horrible Truth

Having children is an amazing experience, but it also takes a lot of effort and sacrifice. But no matter how much parents love their children, they need a few hours of rest from time to time. However, leaving your child under the protection of another person is not always a good idea, as evidenced by the story of this mom who discovers blisters on the feet of her baby after being abused.

A Mother Discovers Huge Blisters Under The Feet Of Her Baby

Child abuse
According to a survey conducted by the Blue Child Association, more than one in 10 French admits having been abused by an adult during childhood. Child maltreatment is the generic term for four types of child abuse: physical abuse, abuse, emotional abuse and neglect.

Physical abuse
Physical abuse is the non-accidental infliction of a physical injury on a child. The abuser is usually a family member or other caregiver. A rare form of physical abuse is the proxy M√ľnchhausen syndrome, in which a person in custody of a child, most often the mother, seeks attention by making the child sick or sick.

Emotional abuse
Psychological violence consists of rejecting, ignoring, criticizing, isolating or terrorizing the child, which has the effect of degrading one's self-esteem. Emotional abuse is usually expressed through verbal attacks involving rejection, scapegoating, depreciation, etc.


Inability to meet the basic needs of a child can take many forms. Physical neglect is the failure, beyond the constraints imposed by poverty, to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter or supervision. Emotional neglect is the inability to meet a child's normal emotional needs, or behavior that interferes with the normal emotional and psychological development of the child. Failure to provide adequate schooling or medical care is also considered negligence.

Among the cases of abuse, we present the story of this mother who left her baby in the custody of a babysitter, what she will discover is horrible!

A baby in distress
This mom wanted to take some time for her by letting a babysitter take care of her baby during her absence. However, on her return home after a few hours, her six-month-old baby did not greet her with the same smile she had left him with, but on the contrary!

She found that Imbelda Ramos Mendoza, a 36-year-old babysitter in Bladensburg, USA, was negligent about her daughter.

By the time the mom walked in the door, she felt something was wrong. While inspecting the feet of her baby, she found that the soles of her feet were covered with huge blisters.

When she asked Mendoza what had happened, the babysitter replied that she had no idea.

A Mother Discovers Huge Blisters Under The Feet Of Her Baby

Mom calls the police

The mother immediately called the police to file a complaint of abuse against her child. She then took her daughter directly to the hospital, where the actual extent of her injuries was clarified. She had severe burns on both feet, as if they had been grilled.

After Mendoza's arrest, the police discovered she was angry when the baby did not stop crying while she was cooking. Mendoza then put the baby's feet in the pan with hot frying oil as punishment, according to a US newspaper.

The mother was shocked and crushed by the cruelty of this act towards her daughter, and wondered how one could do something like a baby without any defense.

To know that innocent children are abused by adults is horrible and traumatic. This is all the more shocking when one tries to understand the motivations of an adult to attack a vulnerable baby. Feel free to share this article to educate people around you about child abuse!
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