A Mom Makes A Call On Facebook To Find The Stolen Stroller Of Her Disabled Son

There are diseases that we hear little about because of their scarcity and incurability. However, thanks to new means of communication such as social networks, it is possible to highlight these rare diseases and explain their constraints on a daily basis, as is the case of the Sanfilippo syndrome.

Characterized by a genetic mutation in the tissues of the body and responsible for an enzymatic deficiency, Sanfilippo syndrome is a disease that affects the development of the brain and its cells. It occurs between the ages of 2 to 6 years and is life-threatening, leaving the patient with a life expectancy of up to 15 to 20 years only.

A Mom Makes A Call On Facebook To Find The Stolen Stroller Of Her Disabled Son

The first symptoms are a delay in the development of cognitive functions, autistic disorders, hyperactivity and sleep disorders. Then, the autonomy, the intellectual functioning and the motor capacities are reduced as the disease touches the brain. In addition, facial dysmorphism appears and the disease progresses from year to year until the patient dies prematurely.

Sanfilippo syndrome exists in four forms (A, B, C and D) and is inherited genetically. Thus, prenatal screening is carried out in couples at risk, that is to say in those with a genetic mutation at the origin of the disease.

Currently, no treatment can cure Sanfilippo syndrome. However, this syndrome causes many disabilities and reduces life expectancy. It is therefore difficult to live with this disease and every object of daily life adapted to disability is essential, as the story of this family shows.

The touching appeal of this mom on social networks

A mother, Ludivine Guillot, has launched a call on Facebook since the stroller of her son disabled, suffering from Sanfilippo syndrome, was stolen following the burglary of the family car, the night of June 8 to 9, 2018 to Rouen, in Seine-Maritime.

On the Facebook page of the association dedicated to her son, "De l'Espoir Pour Enzo", Ludivine posted a video to ask anyone who saw the stroller, on the street or at online resale sites, to contact her.

A Mom Makes A Call On Facebook To Find The Stolen Stroller Of Her Disabled Son

She explains that the stroller is adapted to the handicap of her son and that it is not easy to replace it. Indeed, the latter, green anise color, is molded compared to the back of Enzo, it weighs about 21 pounds and has just been purchased a month and a half ago, for the sum of 1600$.

Although some of the money has been reimbursed by the Social Security, the young mother explains that it will not be possible for her to be reimbursed again and that the insurance does not support the theft of the stroller and the damage to the car seat, also designed for Enzo, whose isofix strap was cut. Without this equipment adapted to his disability, the little boy can not move and the whole family is thus stuck at home.

At present, and despite the many shares on Facebook, the stroller has not yet been found but donations are regularly sent to the association "Of Hope For Enzo". In the same way, the terminale class of Providence High School Sainte-Thérèse de Rouen is mobilizing to help the little boy. The high school students organize Saturday, June 23, 2018, a run open to all for the benefit of the association and in order to help finance materials that Enzo needs.

If you also want to help Enzo and his family, and show solidarity, do not hesitate to share this article around you and help the association "Of Hope for Enzo"!
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