A Dad Surprises The Babysitter Trying To Rape His One-year-old Daughter, Wait To See His Reaction

Of all the crimes an adult can commit, the abuse of a child is often considered the most heinous. Because children embody a certain innocence that is completely unique and violating them is therefore considered as something totally inadmissible. But although we have trouble imagining why some people dare to do such a thing escapes us, the fact remains that such incidents are still part of the reality of our contemporary societies and that we would be ready for anything to fight, as did this father.

Rape: including that of minors

In an interview, made on February 22, 2018, by president of the delegation for the rights of women, presented a rather alarming report on the figures representing the reality of rape.

According to this report, in 2017, the number of victims of rape or attempted rape was 250,000. Knowing that this number includes 150,000 minors, 93,000 women and 15,000 men.

Most disturbing is that at this level, the situation has not changed for several years since there has not been any decrease in the frequency of these incidents. Knowing that the problem has been more significant than we believe, since according to statistics, only 9% of rape cases are declared to the authorities and recognized as such.

The legislature is trying to achieve an increase in the severity of punishment against those responsible for raping minors. Knowing that the law makes a distinction between aggravated sexual assault (without coitus) and intends to give him a 10-year prison sentence. But when it comes to penetration, it is a rape and is passive from a prison sentence of 15 years.

The story of a couple who thought they had left their baby in good hands
Sometimes, some incidents remind us of how cruel and unethical the world can be, something that these parents have learned at their expense. Having trusted a family friend to keep their daughter, the couple in question thought they were free to go shopping without worrying.

It was June 29, 2017 and it was up to Jayson Newlun to keep this one-year-old daughter in the absence of the parents. They were totally unaware that while they were not there, Newlun would decide to practice sodomy on their baby.

But fate would have it that things did not happen as this degenerate man had planned them, because after the departure, the mother realized that she had forgotten something at home and was therefore forced to to go back there.

A Dad Surprises The Babysitter Trying To Rape His One-year-old Daughter, Wait To See His Reaction

The unbelievable shock

The mother then entered the child's room and found Newlun masturbating by touching the baby's genitals. He also took pictures.

Horrified, the mother called the police without hesitation. The father, meanwhile, had a completely different reaction. He jumped in unparalleled rage at Jayson and beat him up to hit him with the drawer of a dresser that was next door.

Asked why he had done so, he said he had no idea, before admitting that he deserved severe punishment. The 26-year-old man was arrested and his bail was set at $ 250,000. He was later charged with first-degree sodomy.

Such a scene will probably have a hard time leaving the memory of those parents who have placed their trust in a loved one. This should remind us that in our environment, it is quite possible that there are people with mental or behavioral disorders without our knowledge and that we must really be picky when it comes to choosing the person who should keep our children.
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