A Couple Fights For 5 Years To Have A Child. That's When The Ultrasound Reveals A Big Surprise

Having a child is one of the most important decisions a couple makes. But sometimes this desire is difficult to achieve and the pregnancy is delayed, which pushes couples to seek medical assistance.

The scarcity of multiple births

Parents rarely wait for three or more children to arrive in one go. Each year, there are about 200 cases of triplets for 8000 twin births, a quarter of these cases involve spontaneous pregnancies.

For births of quadruplets or more, they represent a rather exceptional phenomenon. In the year 2000, there were five women who gave birth to quadruplets or quintuplets. Knowing that in a more global way, the natural chances of conceiving five babies at the same time represent only one in 41 million.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

In search of a third child

Jamie and Skyler were married in 2004 and immediately welcomed their first child, Shayden, born in 2005. A few years later, Jamie gave birth to his second son, Landon. Nevertheless, for five years, the couple desperately tried to have a third baby.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

Both partners came into contact with a fertility specialist and during the second phase of treatment, they hit the jackpot, but maybe not in the way they expected. At only 19 weeks, Jamie looked nine months pregnant! Her stomach had grown so fast that she could not walk and needed a wheelchair to get around.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

A few weeks after her doctor confirmed the pregnancy, it turned out that Jamie had an extremely high level of HCG, a hormone secreted in pregnant women. Knowing that such an increase usually indicates that the mother has several children.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

When the couple made an appointment for an ultrasound session, he thought he was just going to see the presence of twins in the mother's womb. Except that Jamie was carrying more babies!

The ultrasound was full of surprises

"I was absolutely impressed and cried when I saw all those babies on the screen," says Jamie.

Jamie's children thought their mother was pregnant with twins when she told them that two lines had appeared on the pregnancy test ...

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

Like many other pregnant women, the mother had a strange desire to eat specific foods. For a moment, she was completely obsessed with milkshakes. The doctors told him to consume about 4000 calories a day, which would normally allow him to gain 45 kg.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

"It was a bit like I had a giant pumpkin in my stomach. I felt full all the time, yet I was hungry and thirsty all the time. "

And with so many small lives at stake, the couple did not want to take risks. They then temporarily moved to St. George, Utah where Jamie was kept under constant surveillance by experienced obstetricians.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

Dr. John Elliott was responsible for Jamie's pregnancy. He is not only expert in the field, because during his career, Elliott managed 24 cases of quintuplets and 108 cases of quadruplets, which really made him the man of the situation.

All's well That ends well

Few parents actually have the opportunity to live an adventure filled with five new little lives.

The quintuplets were born at 29 weeks, which is above the national average in the United States of just under 27 weeks.

Lily, Violet, Daisy, Logan and Lincoln were born on March 21, 2018 at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

Each baby weighed just under a kilogram at birth. Miraculously, the five were born in good health. Knowing that complications in this kind of birth are quite common.

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

At first, both parents were reluctant to share the details of the pregnancy in public. But today, the couple do not regret anything about it.
The lucky mother says, "The messages of love and hope that we received even helped us through this period of pregnancy that was very high risk. "

A couple fights for 5 years to have a child

It's always wonderful to see new small lives begin, but it's more the case when birth is so exceptional. And most importantly, everything went very well!
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