9 Signs That A Guardian Angel Watches Over You And Protects You From Harm!

It seems we all have a guardian angel ensuring our protection at all times. This spiritual being guides us and accompanies us to remove the forces of evil. If you are among those who believe in it, here are 9 signs that a guardian angel watches over you:

Guardian Angel Watches Over You And Protects You From Harm

1. Angelic voices
Understand or rather perceive muteness around you may not be the simple fruit of your imagination! It might well be that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you in a subtle way! Stay tuned ...

2. A sudden temperature change
If you feel the atmosphere of the environment where you are suddenly cooling or warming, it may be that a guardian angel came to visit you. Feel free to be receptive to his presence.

3. A change in air pressure
As the temperature changes, it could happen to you to feel a change in the air pressure, like a kind of sudden draft. Ditto, your guardian angel is surely in the vicinity and he has a message to deliver you ...

4. Visit of a stranger unexpectedly
If you go to visit her impromptu of a person you do not know, whom you have never seen and that you do not find there coraiment of coherent explanation, it will be a good angel to guard you to say something. So, do not panic, he wants you only good!

5. Feeling of a presence
Are you currently active in disarray and beg for help finding solutions and answers? Sometimes, you may find answers to your questions or find an object you were looking for quite fortuitously! This is one indication that your guardian angel is nearby to guide and support you!

6. Appearance in your dreams
The solutions to your problems can even appear to you in your dreams! Indeed, you can meet your guardian angel during the night in your dreams. This one can set up a dreamlike scenario worthy of the name to orient you in your daily life. You can also wake up with a deep conviction pushing you to make the right decisions!

7. Presence of white feathers
Have I already highlighted the presence of white feathers around you wherever you are? It will be a good idea if you are a means with which your guardian angel tries to communicate with you and tell you that he never stays far away and alerts you to his presence as a support!

8. Orbs of lights
Do you perceive light in the form of bright circles or hallo, white light or flashes of light around you? Do not panic, you just detect the presence of your guardian angel standing near you!

9. Unusual Scents
It would seem that the presence of angels would awaken and develop our sense of smell. If you feel a sweet perfume or unusual judgments more pleasing, it's that your guardian angel is there, ready and watching over you.

Some popular legends reveal that we all benefit from the presence of a guardian angel who is dedicated to us throughout our lives in the form of an invisible entity or a deceased loved one. It's up to us to know how to detect his presence and the signs that are transmitted to us.
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