Women Are Happier When Their Partner Is Less Attractive Than They Are

When it comes to dating for the purpose of establishing a relationship, it's easy to see that the criteria for choosing a partner vary not only from person to person, but can also change in the future. same individual depending on the type of relationship he is looking for at the moment. It is in this same vein that a study has shown that when women want a solid relationship full of love and happiness, the physical aspect of the potential partner is far from being at the top of their list of criteria.

Women Are Happier With Men Not Beautiful According To A Study

This is actually good news for men, because it is now officially a good thing to take some liberties with its weight as an example! But in fact, this concerns all those who see that they do not particularly attract the opposite sex physically.

To be carved like a Greek statue is not what will make your darling happy!

There are many things that can lead to a successful relationship, physical appearance is inevitably part of it, but not in the way we imagine. When it comes to physical appearance, most people are resigned to believing that the opposite sex only seeks to have a happy relationship with the most attractive person possible. But this is not the case, according to a new study from Florida State University, which showed that relationships are more likely to succeed when the woman is more beautiful than his man.

Researchers looked at 113 newly married couples in Texas in their late twenties. Evaluators from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University ranked these couples in terms of their attractiveness, although little is known about the criteria they used to assess the beauty of each individual. Couples also received a questionnaire about their desire to stay in shape and keep their physical attraction.

They found that in cases where the man was less attractive than his partner, he was likely to compensate for this by acts of kindness such as gifts, sexual favors or extra housework. Thus, these men turned into model husbands, which resulted in making their women happier and making them feel more appreciated, so the relationship could only be strengthened.

And this obviously does not work in the opposite direction

Conclusion of the study: "Husbands seemed to be fundamentally more engaged, more invested in their wife's satisfaction when they felt they were doing it for a partner who, physically, was clearly worth it. "

However, when the roles were reversed and men were found to be more attractive, the results from the surveyed women revealed that the pressure of a sexy husband made them unhappy, resulting in weight loss diets. and an obsession for physical exercises.

Speaking at the University of Florida, PhD student Tania Reynolds co-authored the study, saying the research has also highlighted some of the social factors that play a role in eating disorders in children. women who are not particularly attractive but who are in a relationship with men who are. She did not fail to point out that what would above all help these women would be the commitment of their partner in restoring their self-esteem so that they do not put any more pressure. 

According to her, phrases such as: "You are beautiful, I love you whatever your weight or your body. Could be clearly done, but the most important thing is the fact that the man emphasizes all these things, apart from the physical aspect that makes her attractive and formidable in her eyes.

In the end, it's all about common sense and perception of things. Love has never been a beauty contest, because in a relationship, each of the two partners has something to contribute to the other, otherwise it's good to be together. And the most important thing is to always remind the one you love, why you chose it!
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