Woman Gives Birth To Real Life 'Mermaid' Baby (Photos)

Mermaids have always been among the creatures that fascinate us and make us dream, especially with their half-woman half-fish body. But today, science has been able to discover something similar, in the form of a rare disease that gives affected babies an appearance very similar to that of these mythical creatures.

What is it exactly?

Sirenomelia, also called "siren syndrome" is unfortunately a deadly type of condition. It affects babies because it is formed in the mother's womb, during the pregnancy period, so it is a physical anomaly that makes the legs do not form in a normal way and they stay stuck to form only a single member similar to a fish tail. But this does not stop there, because this disease brings its lot of complications that it is at the level of the operation of the kidneys, the stomach or the intestine, which very often results in the death of the baby barely a few days after his arrival in the world. This malformation affects a baby in 60,000 or even 100,000 according to the latest statistics published on this subject, so this is an extremely rare case.

A birth that will surprise doctors

A mother in India astonished the doctors when she gave birth to a baby who had "merged" legs. The couple in question was a couple of workers, which meant they could not afford to cover the expenses of any of the prescribed drugs or any basic testing fees that could have helped their baby survive this. medical complication.

A woman gives birth to a baby mermaid

As you can see in the baby's pictures, the doctors were simply unable to determine the baby's gender, because of his underdeveloped pelvis and his legs joined. The baby was born in India and is therefore the second newborn in the country to suffer from siren syndrome.

A woman gives birth to a baby mermaid

You might think that giving birth to a baby of this size would require a cesarean, but the mother, 23-year-old Muskura Bibi, had a completely natural birth. This is partly due to the fact that the baby's parents were not able to pay for treatment or a more expensive procedure, so they were unfortunately caught off guard at birth.

A woman gives birth to a baby mermaid

According to doctors familiar with the subject, this condition could be genetic. It would probably be due to a migration of epiblast cells to the chordo-mesoblast on the 16th day of the development of the fetus which is causing a deficit in the lower limbs.

A life that will have been very short

The saddest part of this story is that the newborn is only four hours old, because of the various health complications he had to endure during his short life. Dr. Sudip Saha also said that he never saw a baby with this disease in his life. He said, "I had never seen such a baby before, it's the first case of sirenomia in the state and the second in the country."

A woman gives birth to a baby mermaid

Not only were the baby's legs fused, but as you can see in the picture above, his legs had no bone. The X-ray shows only a tail-like growth in the lower part of the baby's body. If he had survived, he would certainly have suffered from gastrointestinal complications due to mutations in his body.

The case is rare, but not the first of its kind

The Indian couple's baby is not the only one to have been in such a situation. Other babies around the world have already been born with this malformation, but only 3 of them have survived. Milagros Cerron is one of them, she was able to overcome the anomaly following a surgical operation to separate her legs from her knees to her groin.

A woman gives birth to a baby mermaid

Outside the United States and India, babies born with siren syndrome are also reported in China. This was also the case of Shiloh Pepin, who was nicknamed "the mermaid girl" by people and the media in China.

This story is very sad and moving because the loss of a child is always a drama.
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