Unbelievable: What This Dog Does Every Night While His Owner Is Sleeping!

What This Dog Does Every Night

It is not uncommon to discover in the home, the presence of a pet, be it a dog, a cat or even a snake for the more adventurous. In fact, in addition to having a beneficial impact on our health, these animals become full members of the family. Moreover, the story that follows only confirms this unique relationship between an animal and its owners!

Adopting a dog is an important decision as it encourages future owners to take care of the dog, whether from a psychological and / or physical point of view. Between the financial costs and the time to devote to your pet, you must think carefully before embarking.

What This Dog Does Every Night

In addition, each year hundreds of thousands of dogs are abandoned. Thus, when we decide to adopt a refuge animal, we adopt it with its past as this touching story shows:

A family decided to adopt a refuge dog. So they took him home and quickly realized they had made an excellent choice.

Indeed, the dog was very obedient and the whole family was happy to take him for a walk in the park and teach him how to make fun rides. To bring back a toy, to give the paw, to roll on itself, to stand on its hind legs, etc. were all things that the dog knew how to do. However, one thing intrigued the whole family.

When going to sleep, the dog sat on the side of the parents' bed and stared at them until they fell asleep. Even stranger, when they woke up, the parents noticed that the dog was still in the same position. As a result, the dog's owners realized he had never seen him sleep.

What this dog does every night when his masters sleep

They worried about a potential health problem and decided to take her to the vet. Everything was normal and the dog had no health problems. Yet, the family continued to wonder why this dog had such behavior.

So, they went to the shelter where they had adopted him to learn more about his past. They explained the situation to shelter staff who immediately gave them an explanation for such behavior.

In fact, the previous owner had waited for the dog to fall asleep to take him to the shelter. When the dog woke up, he was locked in the shelter and never saw his owner again.

When the family heard this, they were all upset. From that day, they decided to have the dog sleep in the parents' room, so that he would understand that they would never leave him. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the whole family has returned to smiles because the dog is now sleeping deeply and no longer suffers from separation anxiety!

Separation anxiety syndrome in dogs

Anxiety syndrome of separation, or neurosis of abandonment, is the exaggerated fear of an animal when it is separated from its owners. This is illustrated by fear, hyperactivity, apprehension, barking and barking, digestive disorders, destruction of objects, inappropriate urination or need-coping, or depression and / or aggression when the animal is about to be left alone.

Generally, the causes of this syndrome are explained by an early rejection by his mother, a lack of stimulation, puppy neglect and a previous event of abandonment.

Fortunately, separation anxiety is treated, provided you are patient with your dog. You can start by applying these 5 tips:
  • Give him toys so he does not get bored during your periods of absence
  • Ignore it 10 to 15 minutes before your departure and on your return so that it does not associate these moments like exceptional moments
  • Make false start exercises, so that both he gets used to seeing you go out and come back but also so that the sounds he associates at the beginning are no longer a source of stress because he sees you stay
  • Do not punish your dog if it makes mistakes during your absence, on the contrary your animal needs to be reassured
  • Take walks with your dog so that it can relax and evacuate the energy it has in him.

If despite this, your dog remains anxious, do not hesitate to call on a canine educator who will bring you all the necessary help.

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