This Retirement Home Has A Pub, A Spa, A Restaurant And A Shop: All Of A Sudden, The Old People Are 20 Years Old

At a time when beauty is youth, it is increasingly difficult for everyone to grow old. So, although it is a natural phenomenon to which the human being can not escape, old age is often synonymous with exclusion, loss and abandonment. So, to fight against this, a Norwegian retirement home has been brought up to date. Discover the images!

This Retirement Home Has A Pub, A Spa, A Restaurant And A Shop

According to a report, conducted as a result of a qualitative study conducted among residents of institutions for the elderly dependent (EHPAD), they are about 40% to be affected by depression, feeling either a burden to society and for their entourage is completely useless. Note that these anxieties are generally reinforced by the fact that the older person does not decide to be in an institution.

Thus, the entry into a retirement home is often synonymous with a parallel between life and the end of life, a surrender between two worlds, for the elderly and it is illustrated by guilt for the entourage. Indeed, the family is often divided between the feeling of guilt in view of the abandonment of the senior and the need to preserve one's own intimate life.

But this decision to enter this type of accommodation is usually driven by many reasons such as the inability to remain alone, the loss of autonomy, the need for medical follow-up, help in carrying out care or lack of financial income in view of the cost of home help.

It should be noted that the elderly must also live with people suffering from dementia. Indeed, retirement homes are home to 42% of Alzheimer's patients, which often creates tensions within the cohabitation because seniors do not wish to end up with serious mental disorders. We therefore understand more why 85% of people have declared that they would like to live their last moments at home.

Fortunately, some retirement homes have decided to do things to improve the end-of-life conditions of older people, as is the case with this Norwegian establishment!

A retirement home like no other

The Manglerudhjemmet retirement home in Oslo, Norway, has decided to make a facelift to improve the daily life of its residents. Its director, Hilde Helland, explained that this approach has allowed the elderly to feel younger and that this type of renovation should be considered for all retirement homes.

Indeed, far from the drab and morbid reception room, this retirement home has a spa, a pub, a restaurant and a grocery store. But to achieve this, the director of the establishment as well as the private company Unicare worked hard. They first thought about the implementation of their project then they received a grant of 100 000 Norwegian kroner (the equivalent of 10.500 $) and they sought sponsors in order to pay the renovation costs.

Today, thanks to the efforts of Hilde Helland, her team and partners including stores Kiwi and Rema for the grocery store and the Norwegian football team VĂ¥lerenga for the pub, the elderly are more than happy. In addition, the rooms have been decorated with new furniture, so that they are closer to the style of a house and a club for men was created because they are few men in retirement homes in Norway.

Here, in video, the presentation that Hilde Helland made as well as the images of the retirement home:

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