This Man Is Developing Eye Cancer, Now Look At The Reaction Of His Girlfriend

A loving couple owes their loyalty, love and compassion. One wonders if, in our time, true and sincere love, still exists. This questioning is all the more legitimate given the number of separations, infidelities and households destroyed, especially emotionally; to believe that love is only a chimera and invention of our imagination to give us hope for a more beautiful and sparkling life.

Love is a feeling that is normally related to respect, trust, compassion and support; it is simply a gift of oneself. We often think that a happy couple does not have any problems or worries. False! A happy couple is one who transcends problems and does not let them govern their life as a couple and take over their happiness. Whether these problems are related to money, work or health, they will have no impact on the life of a couple who lives a real love that is solid and devoid of any interest. It will only be closer and closer.

This Man Is Developing Eye Cancer

This love has been proven by a young Thai couple who have experienced a harrowing tragedy. Atittaya Chumkeaw and Pooh Chokchai Kaew, both 21 years old, have been in love for two years. The sacrifice of Atittaya has won the admiration of all.

The incredible love of Atittaya

Doctors diagnosed Pooh with end-stage eye cancer. His condition was critical and required several quite heavy surgeries. The doctors were doing their best to alleviate the sufferings of the poor young man.

They were not very optimistic about his recovery, but had a lot of hope for his girlfriend Atittaya, who loved him, to help him through this horrible ordeal.

The sacrifice of Atittaya

The appearance of Pooh changed because of all the surgeries he had undergone, so much so that he appeared disfigured and had almost no human face.

Atittaya, despite all the vicissitudes she had endured, remained with Pooh, supporting and loving him more than ever. She communicated to him all the strength, all the courage and all the possible hope to help him overcome this ordeal. She watched over him day and night and had never abandoned her even during the most difficult and painful times. Atattaya's compassion and empathy blew a glimmer of hope to Pooh to overcome his illness. 

She had promised never to leave him, let alone in her difficult moments, to witness to all the wonderful moments they had shared together. Neither Pooh's disfigured face nor her illness changed the love she felt for him because she knew who was behind this appearance. His love was beyond physical attraction, passion; he was unconditional and fed on the beauty of his soul. Atittaya and Pooh promised to spend the rest of their lives together for better and for worse.

Pooh's doctors really hoped that Atittaya's incredible love for his companion would help him recover and cause a miracle for his healing. They were aware of Atattiya's sacrifice, which many women would not have been able to do.

This love story, though real, gives us hope that true love exists. Most people reduce love to understanding, sex and passion. This woman has just proved that these elements are not everything or at least do not define love as a whole. There are other ways to love ... ..
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