This Man Hits His Girlfriend, A Few Moments Later He Receives A Lesson He Is Not Ready To Forget

As many people probably already know, violence has never solved anything and this is probably the way to never take in life, especially if it is a relationship. But where violence manifests itself in one of its worst forms is when a man allows himself to rape his partner, regardless of the context. Because it's far from proof of virility, but rather cowardice and lack of responsibility.

What violence against women represents

Violence against women can take place in many areas of everyday life, be it family, school or work. They manifest themselves in the form of physical, psychological, economic, administrative, verbal aggression and can last quite a bit in time just as they can be punctual.

According to the latest statistics, 1 in 3 women in the world are victims of violence. This shows how much the eradication of this phenomenon is in fact a long-term job. In September 2017, the Ministry of the Interior said that in 2016, 1 woman died every three days due to the violence of her spouse or former spouse.

Each year, an average of 225,000 women between the ages of 18 and 75 are victims of physical and / or sexual violence perpetrated either by their former partner or by the current one. In 2016, 123 women died as a result of the violence of their partner or ex-partner, whether the status of this spouse is considered by law to be official (husband, cohabitant, etc.) or unofficial (lover, temporary sex partner, boyfriend ...)

A very often delicate situation

Many people say they find it difficult to understand why a woman in a situation where she is constantly subjected to violence and abuse, would choose to stay in this position and not try to extricate herself from it. But the fact is that it is not quite easy to escape this kind of grip, in some cases the cycle of violence makes many women feel trapped in this "victim" status.

Maybe no one could really understand this kind of situation unless you're caught in this trap yourself. When a person has been physically and psychologically abused and submissive for a very long time, they will certainly not have enough energy to react or fight to get out of it.

An unacceptable scene that unfolds under the eyes of everyone

This man in the video below is certainly not right to do what he did. It can be seen that he and a woman are walking down the street until he catches her firmly by the arms and strikes her face so violently that she falls to the ground. A few seconds after this horrible scene, a group of men in the street rushes in his direction ...

These men then encircle the violent man and beat him, thus giving him a good lesson. A lesson he will probably never forget! Perhaps so, karma will have taught him not to attack weaker than him and to bear the consequences of his actions.

This video has been around the web and has been seen all over the world. Many people also think he got what he deserved.

A reminder among many others that in addition to the fact that violence is a scourge that plagues our contemporary societies despite the civilizational progress they have experienced. But the worst part of all this is that this violence is very often directed towards people who can not afford to defend themselves and are totally at the mercy of their aggressor.

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