This Husband Plants Thousands Of Trees To Honor His Dead Wife:17 Years Later Secret Revealed In Aerial Photo

Love is a mystery to many of us. Indeed, this feeling that unites us to a person sometimes makes us do incredible, unimaginable and irrational things. Moreover, this quote from Jean Cocteau echoes in the minds of all of us: "there is no love, there is only evidence of love".

Man Plants Thousands Of Trees In Honor Of His Wife, 17 Years Later Secret Revealed In Aerial Photo

The proofs of love

In the animal kingdom and in humans, proof of love is an integral part of the relationship. Indeed, it is a concrete and lasting way of expressing love to others because when "I love you" evaporates in the air as quickly as it has been said, proofs of love continue. They take the form of objects but also the time and energy that is devoted to the other. To know that these proofs of love, considering the perception and the personality of each individual, are all unique and specific to each of us. In the same way, our way of receiving and giving belongs to us and could not be comparable or compared.

Moreover, the psychologist Salomon Nasielski as well as the psychologist and author of the book Men come from Mars, women from Venus, John Gray, agree that men and women express their love in a different way. which can cause suffering within the couple. When a woman will tend to offer all her being and time, a man will offer objects and other tangible gifts.

Thus, to take care of one's relationship, one has to realize that some proofs of love do not look like what we imagine. Moreover, here is a proof of love that defies the time, that of Winston Howes!

The unique and touching love of this husband

The cycle of life wants each of us to know a beginning and an end. Yet it is often hard to let the people we love go away, even more so when it comes to our husband or our wife. Thus, although it was difficult for this husband to mourn his wife, he found an original way to honor him.

Janet and Winston Howes were a dream couple for everything to be successful. First of all, it was love at first sight and then marriage in 1962. Finally, they had settled in a charming farm in Gloucestershire (England) and had started a family.

With a son, a pretty house and a prosperous land, the Howes family lived serenely.

However, after 30 years of marriage, Janet, who had heart failure, died when she was barely 50 years old. She left a loving son and husband who did not know how to do it without her.

In trying to heal the wounds of such a loss, Winston had an idea to honor his wife's memory. Although he could not get his wife back, he wanted to get over his project.

He started working on a meadow near the house which was Janet's favorite place. Winston's idea was to create a space where he and his son could gather on hard days.

He finished his project but it was only 17 years later that a pilot discovered Winston's homage. The pilot Andy Collet lives from the sky a huge heart hidden in a forest. The heart was formed through thousands of trees.

Winston explained that he had created a heart by planting thousands of oaks and installed a seat inside to sit closer to Janet. He added large oaks and a hedge to strengthen the contours of the heart and made the heart point to the village of Wotton Hill, where Janet is from. In addition, each year, Winston plants daffodils in the center of the heart to continue to pay tribute to his wife, who must be happy to see this beautiful show from the sky!

Moreover, discover in the video below, all the images of this forest full of love:

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