This Girl Was Killed By Her Parents. Later, The Police Find A Note Under Her Pillow That Will Break Your Heart

Physical punishment including any treatment of cruelty and humiliation towards children is absolutely prohibited by law. Unfortunately, there is now a good margin between the prohibition and the punishment stage. It is indeed a crucial issue in our societies to which the wall of silence always resists following the domination exercised by some parents over their children.

Adult domination as it is exercised in the society, among others, often leads to the oppression of the youngest. The children find themselves in a position of vulnerability following their imprisonment in this status of "minor" under the pretext that they allow themselves to remove some of their most basic rights.

This Girl Was Killed By Her Parents. Later, The Police Find A Note Under His Pillow That Will Break Your Heart

Every year, 400 to 700 miners die, resulting in an average of one or two children killed per day. In terms of personal injury cases, they concern several tens of thousands of minors across the territory. Knowing that in 93% to 96% cases of abuse, whether physical or mental, parents are the culprits.

A girl who will be entitled to the worst families

Our story takes us back to 2004, in a London suburb where a girl named Lisa was born. She had a brother named John, who was one year older than her. Shortly after, the two children end up in a foster family because of the inability of their biological parents to take care of them.

Several years later, it turned out that the girl was being molested by her adoptive father. So again, the kids went back to their real parents. The biological mother punished her and her brother, although Lisa was entitled to the worst treatment of both. Over time, Lisa was no longer able to participate in the gymnastics activities of her school because of bruises and scars on her stunted body.

The mother's abuse did not stop there because poor Lisa was punched and kicked, the parents even used hammers, steel pipes and even a machete.

The mother also used words like "bitch", "monster" and "whore" to talk about her daughter. The latter became more and more feverish and malnourished, which was rather disturbing.

One day, the mother hit Lisa so hard that she broke some bones in her hand. Thus, after the hospitalization, the social services began to have suspicions. Two weeks after the incident, they decided to visit them and saw that the boy was in good health. But they knew something was wrong, the boy shook his head when they asked him about his sister. They left the house and then returned with the police.

Unimaginable findings

When they searched the house, they found a closet and what was in it was just shocking. There they found poor Lisa lying in her excrement and urinating. She could not stand because of the condition she was in.

So they took her to the hospital, and some doctors tried to save her, but unfortunately they could not do anything anymore. At the age of nine, Lisa died and the real cause remains unknown. Many believe that lack of tenderness and love was the reason for her death. There was no longer any reason for her to live, she had to give up.

The police searched the house again for evidence, so they could get their hands on a word that little Lisa had left under her pillow and said:

"All I always wanted was to have my father and mother by my side and they love me. What did I do wrong? I do not know why I'm still alive ... I tried to be kind and polite and listen to my mother. But they have always seen me as a source of disappointment and such a file does not deserve to live. "

Although the parents were sentenced to many years in prison and little John was finally able to find a suitable family. This heartbreaking story should shake everyone up to remind us that being a parent never meant to deprive your child of his life and happiness, but rather to be responsible for him and protecting him.
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