This Couple Poses With Unique Se-xtuplets: Now, Look When They Meet 30 Years Later

Pregnancy is often one of many plans for the future of women, especially when they meet a partner who also wants to have children. And, sometimes, this dream that becomes reality takes an unexpected proportion as was the case for this couple who gave birth to se-xtuplets. Here is their story!

All pregnancies do not look like a long calm river, quite the opposite! Beyond the unpleasant effects of pregnancy, some pregnant women may experience complications because of illness, but also because of multiple pregnancies.

Multiple pregnancies

Being considered at risk pregnancies, multiple pregnancies are illustrated by greater prematurity, developmental disorders for infants, transfusor-transfused syndrome in case of placental sharing, increased risk of in utero death as well as by significant tension for the mother's uterus and complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Indeed, whether there is one or more the child, the uterus of the mother is the same size, which means a lack of space and uterine distention from a twin pregnancy. In addition, it is possible for the mother to suffer major haemorrhages, usually requiring a cesarean section, which is why bed rest and increased medical supervision is in place from the 5th month.

Although rare, these multiple pregnancies often occur as a result of medically assisted procreation. Thus, many couples using medically assisted procreation pass from one future child to many as the story of this large family shows. Discover it!

Like many couples, Janet and Graham Walton wanted to have children naturally and start their own families. After many unsuccessful attempts, future parents turned to medicine to succeed in procreation. Thus, they resorted to a treatment for the fertility but the latter failed. After twelve attempts, Janet was still not pregnant and it was when she and Graham were about to give up that a miracle occurred.

Indeed, Janet was finally pregnant. And, not one baby, not two or three, but six babies!

Janet and Graham were shocked because they did not expect to have a large family in such a short time. Janet was quickly admitted to the hospital because of the risks of multiple pregnancy. Permanently under medical supervision, she finally gave birth to six pretty little girls after 31 weeks of pregnancy.

Although born prematurely, the little girls were in good health. Obviously, they stayed in neonatology service to finish developing, especially because their lungs were still too small.

After two months, the little girls named Hannah, Ruth, Lucy, Kate, Jennie and Sarah were able to go out and the parents discovered a life of baby bottles, diapers and short breaks of sleep.

As the girls grew up, Janet and Graham did not have time to breathe. They juggled between homework, sports activities, puberty, first love and the existential crises of six girls at a time. Thus, parents had to improvise as to how to educate their daughters, to impose rules, to live in community etc ... But one thing is certain, they devoted their lives to love their children and take care of them.

Today, 34 years old, se-xtuplets are still as close as during their childhood.

Among them, some are married and Sarah, the youngest was the first to start a family. She gave birth to a little girl named Jorgie, who makes her aunts and grandparents happy.

Lately, a documentary has been made on this unique family that you can find below. This is an opportunity to learn more about their daily lives but also to see how much the se-xtuplées wish to prove their brotherly love, especially with the tattoo they have made. Discover their evolution in this video:
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