This Baby Looks Quite Ordinary But It Is Actually Totally Unique

There are not many experiences that can upset a lifetime as much as a baby's arrival in the world. Humanity can build cities and machines or even travel outside the mother planet, but creating life from a little more than the tools inherited from birth is so intense and extraordinary compared to the rest.

This Baby Looks Quite Ordinary But It Is Actually Totally Unique

What is Rokitansky's syndrome?

Rokitansky-K├╝ster-Hauser syndrome is a condition characterized by partial or complete congenital absence of uterus, but with quite ordinary ovaries and ovaries.

This syndrome also represented by the acronym "MRKH" is a rare disease that affects an average of one in 4,500 girls. They come into the world without va_gina or uterus, in some cases, the genital tract is partially formed. In the medical community, this anomaly is called "utero-va_ginal aplasia".

It is usually the absence of menstruation during puberty that alerts young girls and at the same time makes it possible to diagnose the presence of Rokitansky's syndrome. Once the doctors perform an MRI or CT scan, we discover the absence of uterus and a part of the va_gina.

An anomaly that was once a source of despair

Of course, it was only a matter of time that we took the path of science to improve one of the most inherently human domains that can exist. With the help of modern medicine, we have been able to prevent mothers from dying in childbirth or giving birth to babies in laboratory test tubes, and this is the same register that the discovery of which we will talk about today.

This Baby Looks Quite Ordinary But It Is Actually Totally Unique

This is Vincent. At first glance, he seems to be a baby like any other, a boy with a happy look. Except that the story of his birth, driven by the persistence of his parents, is absolutely to know. Because in fact, Vincent is the very first baby to be born in this way.

To understand what it's all about, let's go back to his parents, Malin Stenberg and his partner Claes Nilsson, both from Sweden. They were madly in love and wanted to start a family together, but there was just a problem. Malin, who was then 37 at the time, was unable to have a child. The young woman was born with a rare genetic disorder known as Rokitansky's syndrome, which means that she was born without a uterus and was therefore not able to have a baby. Those who live with such a syndrome often do not have two-thirds of their reproductive system, but still have functional ovaries.

An unexpected glimmer of hope

Malin and Claes were about to give up hope when they learned that an experimental procedure was being conducted at the University of Gotheburg, designed specifically to help people with Rokitansky's syndrome. There were only nine places involved in the study, luckily for them, Malin and Claes had the chance to participate.

It is then that begins the most difficult part. The doctors wanted to check the possibility that the uterus of a potential donor would be implanted in Malin in the hope of helping her conceive. Knowing that the attempts that preceded this one had all failed. The women had survived, but their attempt at pregnancy and childbirth was in vain.

The momentum of generosity that will change everything

Fortunately, Malin and Claes were able to get help from a friend to start their own family. Ewa Rosen, 61, heard about their situation and decided to donate her uterus to the cause selflessly. Only 43 days later, Malin had her period for the first time, and a year later, she became pregnant with Vincent!

This Baby Looks Quite Ordinary But It Is Actually Totally Unique

After a successful pregnancy, Malin gave birth to Vincent via a caesarean section. And what is extraordinary is that Vincent is not only the only baby born to a mother with Rokitansky's syndrome, but he is also the first baby born through a uterine transplant.

After Vincent's birth, Malin had the uterus removed so that he would not need anti-rejection medication for the rest of his life.

All's well That ends well ! Claes and Malin have finally been able to found the family they dreamed of. Their perseverance and love have allowed them to have a baby, who is not like the others, a miracle child.
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