The Father Died Tragically. 15 Years Later, A Stranger Knocks On The Door And Asks The Mother And Son Of The Deceased To Leave

Memories are undoubtedly an integral part of who we are, of our personality, of our emotions, of our perception of the world. They allow us to form emotional bonds with people, objects or places that are part of our memory. The memory of a deceased loved one is the perfect example.

The Father Died Tragically

The importance of memories in our lives

Patrick Estrade is a psychologist and psychotherapist who has been studying the subject of memories for many years. They are in his eyes the ineffaceable mark of our individuality and the fact that our life belongs to no one but ourselves.

He also explains that we are so used to looking far ahead that we end up forgetting what is right next to it. Memories are among those things that seem so common to us that few people realize what they bring to us as individuals. According to him, our memories speak to us but we do not often take the trouble to listen to them unfortunately, because we do not know how to understand them.

"Memories are our foundation, the ground on which we progress throughout our existence. They define our choices and impact our destiny. The least we can say is that they dominate us. Our memories also allow us to take a specific direction in life. They serve as benchmarks. They may also be a handicap to our evolution, as is the case for some children who were denigrated by their parents and who today are not able to carry out their projects. "Dr. Estrade continues.

A departure that will change the course of whole lives

When Justin Rozier was only nine months old, his father, Jonathan Rozier, died in combat while serving in the US Army. Jonathan's wife, Jessica, had spoken to her husband only 12 hours before her death. She took the opportunity to give him news of their son.

Unfortunately, Jonathan was never able to meet him. The day after the tragedy, while Jessica was trying to restore some semblance of normalcy to her life, she decided to sell some of her husband's belongings. But there was one thing she was trying to give up, it was Jonathan's black convertible Toyota, a car that dated back to 1999.

Since no one could drive this car and Jessica had to deal with a home loan she had taken from her and her late husband to buy their home, she sold it. She did not think about it that much, after all, she had a child to raise.

But as Little Justin grew up, he began to ask more and more questions about his late father. And once he reached the fortnight, he had become the spitting image of his father. He had even started collecting photos and other things that belonged to him.

The father tragically dies

But there was one thing that Justin wanted more than anything: his father's old car. He could not explain it, but when he was about 16, he wanted to sit in the same seat as his father, feel the wind blowing in his hair and feel close to the man had given life.

Jessica then decided to try to find her husband's old Toyota, which she had sold several years before. She knew it was probably a lost cause, but she wanted to try for love for her son.

The father tragically dies

The echoes of an old life

She then turned to social networks for help. His touching story spread quickly and some time later the unthinkable happened. She was put in contact with the current owner of the car, who at first had no interest in selling it. But a market could be concluded, so she had to buy it. But despite being in bad shape, Jessica needed to spend a considerable amount of money to buy it, repair it before bringing it home.

The father tragically dies

A very kind person, Kyle Fox, heard about it and wanted to help. He suddenly collected enough money to pay for the car before regrouping enough volunteers to put it back in good condition.

At the 16th anniversary of Justin, everyone came together to give him an extraordinary surprise. Just look at the boy's reaction when he sees his father's car rolling in front of him!

A wonderful story that shows how much the memories of those we love are so important and how much we really need them!
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