Psychologists Warn Parents: Do Not Let Your Children See Peppa Pig Anymore!

Childhood is a period of intense development. It is the moment of the joys, the anxieties, the awakening but also of the education and the traumas which persist in adulthood. Thus, it is necessary to be vigilant, as a parent, that our children grow up serenely, bringing them love but also offering them a living environment.

Indeed, unconditional love alone is not enough to make his child happy and give him the keys that will serve him well into the future. To this must be added rules and limits not to be exceeded by explaining to him that it is a question of protecting his health and well-being.

In this part of life, we find the thorny problem of television. When some parents use it to entertain and enrich their child culturally, others abuse it to calm it down. But from what age can a child watch television, to what extent and especially what programs?

Psychologists Warn Parents Do Not Let Your Children See Peppa Pig Anymore!

According to the Higher Council of Audiovisual (CSA), a child should not be exposed to a screen before the age of 3 years because it hampers its development. Indeed, he is supposed to use his five senses to develop through interactions with adults. But being passive in front of images does not allow that. It should also be noted that after 3 years, the length of concentration in front of the TV must be monitored because although the programs adapted to the children favor the learning, it is not necessary that the child remains hours in front. 

Thus, it is only from the age of 10 that a child can really watch television without affecting it. At that age, he will be able to distinguish fiction from reality and take a step back from the images he will see. Obviously, here too, you have to control the duration and encourage it to carry out other activities (sports, manual).

The use of children's television should be rigorous as the abuse of small screens is detrimental to the development of their neurons and their behavior and health. Television prevents them from concentrating, disrupts their sleep, promotes obesity, makes them violent and transforms their vision of the world. Moreover, there are programs specifically more dangerous than others like the cartoon Peppa Pig!

The controversial cartoon: Peppa Pig

The cartoon for young children Peppa Pig, where we follow the adventures of a pig family (Peppa, the heroine, his brother George and his parents, Mom Pig and Papa Pig) continues attract the wrath of experts and parents.

Between a statement by Dr. Karen Philip, psychotherapist, saying that the cartoon prevents the development of empathy and body reading skills of others in children, the censorship of episodes around the world and the latest controversy in the date on which Peppa Pig encourages inappropriate use of health services, there is more reason why children should not be allowed to watch this type of program.

So, while some denounce these controversies by claiming that it is a stunt against the cartoon, it goes without saying that the arrogant, rude and disrespectful behavior of Peppa and his brother George does not give a good example to children. A tip: opt for books, manual activities and outdoor games!
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