These Are The Parts Of The Body Of A Man That Women Look At First, According To The Science

The beginning of any love relationship begins with eye contact and often the first impression is the right one. But what do we first see as being male or female?

While everyone knows that the first things a man looks for in a woman are her physical attractions such as her waist, chest and buttocks, no one really knows what women look for first in a man.

These are the parts of the body of a man that women look at first

A study conducted by the London-based company Think Eye Tracking using eye tracking, found exactly what women look at first in the male body. They were able to follow the eye movements of the participants who looked at the same picture of a man in a swimsuit.

What do women look for first in men?

What they discovered was that women did not spend time looking at their underpants. Interestingly, the male participants in the study spent a lot of time looking at the lower regions of the man in the picture.

Instead, women first look at the abdominal area, followed by the face, shoulders, and biceps. A heat map of the most viewed areas of the image made with the eye-tracking technology shows the results below.

These are the parts of the body of a man that women look at first

In another similar study, scientists found that women look at the abdominal part of a man more than any other part of the body.

The doctors at Geneva University Hospitals asked male and female volunteers to look at 120 photographs of people in swimsuits, and to evaluate those of the opposite sex in terms of sexual desire.

Research has shown that women pay more attention to the area of the abdomen of a man's body than to the rest of the body. While watching the images, eye tracking technology was also used to see what part of the photo the participants were watching, and for how long.

Research revealed that both sexes spent more time looking at the body than the face. But the women looked at the men's abdomen longer than the chest or pectoral area, which was in turn looked more than the genital area. Women also focused on the abdomen longer and more frequently than men.

For their part, men spent more time looking at the thoracic region of women than the abdomen and the genital area. But in comparison, they looked at the genitals more often than women.

But why are women interested mainly in the torso, the face and the arms?

Wendy Walsh, an expert in sexual relations and author of The 30-Day Love Detox, says that all this is due to our primary instincts. Women are programmed to look for someone who can support themselves and protect them. Besides, the penis has no relation to that.

"Think about our caveman brain, we want to know, can this man climb a tree and pick fruit for me, can this man kill a wild animal to protect me?" Says Wendy Welsh .

Long before the advent of our time with a completely different way of life, men needed firm stomachs, shoulders, and strong arms to be able to protect, provide, and support themselves. to take care of a woman and her offspring. And even if we do not do the same activities as our ancestors, women will still unconsciously look for these characteristics in the opposite sex as natural and instinctive behavior.

This is the same reason men look at the chest, waist, hips and buttocks. They are looking for a young, fertile, healthy-looking woman with hips and generous breasts to breastfeed.
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