The Nurse Decides To Adopt A Little Abused Girl - Then The Social Worker Gives Her A News That Leaves Her Speechless

Kindness and generosity are rare qualities nowadays, and when we meet people with these traits, we recognize them visibly through their sensitivity, their emotions, their desire to help others and their intolerance to lies. , to hypocrisy and especially to cruelty. They present the characteristics of an empathic person.

Nurse decides to adopt abused little girl

Often these people choose service trades that are directly related to humans. A job that allows them to be in emotional contact with others, to be attentive to their needs. The nursing profession speaks for itself. A nurse or nurse must live this type of experience on a daily basis, since their job requires them to be welcoming and receptive. They are continually confronted with horrors, unhappy situations, the injustice of life experienced by some people by seeing them suffer and doing their best to relieve their ills and accompany them in the path of healing. The case of a Nurse named Jess Hamm, reflects the true portrait of an empathic person.

The moving story of this generous nurse

Nurse decides to adopt abused little girl

Jess is a pediatric nurse working at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. One night in March 2017, Jess was on duty. What happened that night was going to change his life. A 14-month-old girl named Delilah was admitted to the hospital with serious injuries due to neglect and abuse. She was malnourished, had broken bones with broken skull. After a thorough examination, it turned out that his injuries were the result of non-accidental trauma.

Delilah was fighting to stay alive. Upon seeing him, Jess was bruised and heartbroken. She saw the baby who, despite the horrible wounds and the bad treatment she had endured, still clung to the life of all the strength of her little being. At that moment, Jess knew what she had to do.

Nurse decides to adopt abused little girl

She had decided to adopt Delilah. She could not bear the cruelty that this little girl had endured and felt that she deserved all the love and all the affection possible and especially a lot of care. His love overflowing for others and especially for the fragile and helpless little creatures, did not leave him any moment of reflection and his decision was taken immediately. She reacted instinctively without thinking.

She immediately contacted Florida's social services department, the Department of Children and Families, to move from nurse to Delilah's new mother. But by finalizing the adoption papers with the Department's Social Worker, Jess had learned a new piece of information that had completely puzzled her. Delilah had a twin sister named Caroline who was also in the hospital. Without even thinking, and for the second time, Jess decided to adopt the twin sister. It was unthinkable for her to separate the little girls, who deserved to live together, in a loving and healthy home. 

Their future and their psychological balance were at stake. She could not miss this divine opportunity. It was clear to Jess that this meeting with the little girls was not a coincidence but that fate has put them on her way to take care of them and that she accompanies them in the path of life. They were meant to be part of his life. From now on, the two little girls will no longer have to suffer the horrors of life.

Nurse decides to adopt abused little girl

The story of this angelic woman should be a source of inspiration for all those who miss the misfortunes of others without even paying attention. It is not necessary to repeat Jess's schema by adopting unhappy children, but simply be sensitive to what surrounds us, donate oneself. An audience, a presence, a listening or even a smile, can bring a bit of hope to a person. Let us show generosity, the universe will reward us because we only harvest what we sow.
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