His Girlfriend Left Him Because He Was Poor. They Met 10 Years Later And You Will Not Believe What Happened

Relationships are often fraught with pitfalls. Between the character of one, the habits of the other, it is sometimes difficult to find a balance in the couple. Likewise, certain factors such as education, culture, the environment or financial means, affect the relationship more and are an opportunity for misunderstanding between the partners. Moreover, the following story about the break between a poor man and a rich woman shows it well!

Indeed, some people are more interested in money than in the relationship in itself. They are called materialists, those individuals whose way of life is for the sole purpose of having money and spending it. Thus, they expect the other that he can also provide for their needs, which inevitably affects the relationship. Often illustrating a lack to fill, this way of life is not synonymous with happiness.

His Girlfriend Left Him Because He Was Poor.

Can materialist person be happy?

According to a study by American psychologists E.Diener and D.Meyers and published by the American Psychological Association (APA), money does not make happiness. In fact, they discovered that although individuals are happier when they live in a rich country, they are no longer happy when they manage to meet their basic needs (housing, food, clothing). Thus, their overall satisfaction is not related to money but more to the free time they have. On the other hand, the materialists would be even less happy than the others. 

According to the psychologist and author of The High Price of Materialism, Tim Kasser, materialists have life goals that prevent them from moving towards happiness and well-being. Between their unrealistic expectations, their need for wealth, recognition and high status, they forget their personal relationships and are even willing to sacrifice them. Unfortunately, this affects their happiness, their overall satisfaction and they are more prone to psychological disorders.

Moreover, the story of this man who met a materialist woman shows how money obsesses materialists, they are never satisfied and especially that they miss many beautiful things.

When a poor man meets a materialistic woman ...

Once upon a time, a young man fell in love with a rich girl. After a certain period of relationship, he asked her to marry her, but she replied that she could not marry him because her salary was equal to her daily expenses. These words hurt the young man and he kept this event in mind, even though he could not stop loving him.

Ten years later, they met by chance in a shopping center. She called to ask him how he was going, adding that she was now married to a very smart man who receives 12,000 $ per month. The poor man, who still loved this woman so much, was hurt by these harsh words and had tears in his eyes. When suddenly, the rich girl's husband arrived. He exclaimed and said, "Oh, hello boss, what a surprise! You met my wife at what I see. Then he turned to his wife and explained that the poor man was in fact his boss, that he owned businesses worth 85 million dollars and that he had earned all this money because of a selfish woman who had hurt him, while he loved her so much. He even added that if this woman had not broken up with him, she would have had a life of princess.

The young woman was shocked and she realized that she had made the mistake of her life by judging the other on their wallet rather than on their feelings.
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