Here's How To Escape From A Running Car: Following These Steps Could Save Your Life!

Thinking generally about the dangers of the road, have you ever thought about the dangers of water? Mortality from submerging a vehicle is more common than you think. Hollywood has always shown the submersion of vehicles with characters waiting for the car to sink into the water to escape, but the reality is that you have very little time to get out of there.

Research by Gerren K. McDonald and Gordon Giesbrecht in Aviation, Space and Environmental Medicine shows that vehicle submersion has one of the highest fatality rates of all single-vehicle crashes, accounting for 5 to 11% of all drownings.

How To Escape From A Running Car

The submergence of a vehicle is not uncommon, and it is important that you learn the steps to follow if, unfortunately, you find yourself in this situation.

How to get out of the car?

On impact, you will have about 30 seconds to 1 minute to get out of the car before it is submerged. It is important that you stay calm so that you can be as effective as possible in the short time that you have.

Take off the seatbelt
While a seatbelt can be helpful in the event of a car crash, it can be your worst nightmare when trying to escape from a submerged car. Take off your seatbelt as quickly as possible and encourage others in the car to do the same.

Open the window
Manual windows are ideal when you are in this situation because you have a longer period of time to lower the windows. However, most car windows are now electronically controlled. This means that a few seconds after touching the water, the circuits will probably be short, which will make the window impossible to open. You have until the water reaches the bottom of the side windows, after which the pressure of the water will make it impossible to open the windows. Otherwise, it will break with a metal object such as the headrest for example.

Leave the vehicle and swim away from the car

Always get out of the vehicle by the window closest to you. Do not try to open the vehicle door. Pressure from the water will make it difficult and increase the amount of water entering the vehicle, resulting in faster submersion.

Call emergencies
Do not call emergencies until you have escaped from the car. Attempting to call emergencies while you are still inside the car will waste valuable time, as rescue will not be able to reach you for the minute you have before your car is submerged. If you do not have a phone or your phone is submerged, find help after leaving the water.

And the children?
Children should always go out before adults. Bring the children to the front seat to exit through the window. Bring out the older children and carry the little ones and babies who can not swim while you escape.

What if you can not open the window?

In case you have electronically controlled windows, and are unable to open them before the car is submerged, you will need a broken glass tool. These tools are inexpensive and do not require strength. You can also use a screwdriver, hammer, or wrench. Keep it in your car, and at your fingertips.

What if the car is submerged?

If you can not open the window fast enough and you can not break it, there is always a small chance to escape. Once the car is completely submerged, the water pressure equilibrates, which opens the door. To do this, you must be able to hold your breath in high stress situations. Most people will not be able to hold their breath for so long, which is why the chances are low, but it's not impossible.

When the car is completely submerged, open the door closest to you and allow all passengers in the car to exit through that door. You may need to use your feet for more strength. The key here is to wait until the vehicle is fully submerged.

Avoid car flooding situations

If you live in a flood zone and notice water on your way, avoid entering it. There is a risk that your car will be short-circuited in the water and you will be trapped in your car. So avoid any sit

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