Her Neighbors Did Not Understand Why Her House Was Incredibly Clean Until They Discovered Her Secret

Throughout the history of humanity as a whole, it is the difficult and inextricably intricate situations that have always inspired the most enlightened minds among people. This is how the majority of the inventions we know today were born, especially those aimed at making our lives easier and lightening tasks that were once considered particularly tedious. It is in this register that the incredible story of Frances Gabe, this woman whose house is so clean, is believed to be immaculate.

A woman who intrigued more than one

In December 2016, Frances Gabe, a resident of Newberg, Oregon, died at the age of 101. Her neighbors did not know if she was a crazy lady or a genius, but why would they think that? Well, the first key to answering this question is that she had not cleaned her house for over two decades and had not hired anyone to do it for her. How is it possible ?

It turns out that Frances lived in a unique house of her kind. What was so special about him? It was actually a self-cleaning house and Frances was the one and only inventor!

It all started in the 1980s, when Frances could not bear to have to raise both her children and take care of the housework.

One day, she finds herself confronted with a fig jam that slips along the wall of her kitchen, she lost her temper and watered it with a garden hose. Although this may sound like an extreme and exaggerated reaction, the latter actually gave her an idea. Here, we can see Frances in front of a model of the house she wanted to create, in 1979:

The passage from the life of an overworked mother to the home of an unparalleled inventor

In 1984, Frances moved into the world's first self-cleaning home. Thanks to 68 patents, his house could be washed and dried automatically. It was clearly a kind of giant dishwasher. Not only could the walls and floors be cleaned regularly, but it also concerned the clothes in the closet, the dishes in the kitchen cupboard and even the dog and its kennel! At the beginning of the "wash cycle", she received an umbrella and a raincoat and only had to press a button that activates the system.

The floors of the house were sloped and there were gutters on the edges of the rooms. This meant that the water came out of the sprinklers from the ceiling before it flowed directly out of the house and through the kennel, washing the dog in its path. The sprinklers first covered the house with soapy water, then rinsed it, and finally, the hot air was used to dry the whole house.

In less than an hour, walls, floors, bathrooms and even clothes were dry and clean. In order to carry out the self-cleaning, the inventor has covered most of the surfaces inside the house with plastic or placed items on clotheslines. The house had no carpets or curtains because they attracted too much dust. His innovative house was a hit in the 80s and has had a lot of resonance in various TV shows. The house was also visited by tourists as is the case for museums.

When designing her home, Frances's goal was to facilitate housework for people with disabilities, seniors, mothers and women in general. The latter could spend more time with their families. "I want to eliminate unnecessary movement so that people with disabilities and seniors can take care of their homes," said Frances.

Unfortunately, an earthquake in 2001 damaged the technology used for the self-cleaning home and since then, only the kitchen sprinklers are operational.

In 2008, Frances' family sent her to a retirement home where she eventually died alone, at the age of 101. However, although his death has passed almost unnoticed, his work and his inventions are a source of inspiration and deserve our admiration, even today. After all, this woman could spend 20 years of her life without cleaning, is not it everyone's dream?
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