Her Baby Dies Tragically: 4 Months Later, The Nurse Calls Her And Reveals The Unimaginable

The arrival of a baby in this world is a sacred event. Just looking at your little child for hours is enough to reveal to you how much the love you feel is so unique that it seems to come from another world. But this moment can sometimes be disturbed when the baby suffers from an illness or malformation.

baby dies tragically

Some infants are born with heart problems

Cardiac malformations in children are unusual cases of pathology, since they affect an average of only eight babies per thousand from birth. These heart diseases can be detected during pregnancy through fetal ultrasound in only 10% of cases. For the remaining 90%, the malformations in question are observed only after the birth, there are even those that are revealed only a few months, or even years, later.

In this type of case, an open-heart operation of the baby is necessary, but although it is large, it often leaves little impact on the body of the child, who can then lead a life quite normal.

The causes of these heart diseases are often unknown. All the experts say is that in 10% of cases the cause of the anomaly is apparently genetic.

A "happy" event that will not have really been
Katie and Josh Butler had always dreamed of starting a big family, which is why they were thrilled when they heard they were expecting their first child. However, 20 weeks after the beginning of the pregnancy, the doctors noticed that something was wrong.

baby dies tragically

The joy and excitement of the two future parents gradually turned into anxiety. The closer they got to the date of delivery, the more they realized that their son was seriously ill.

During the 39th week, doctors had to perform a caesarean section and little Dewey had to be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit. After the first examination, things did not seem as bad as the doctors had described them.

Chromosomes 6 and 10 had changed places

During his first two weeks of life in this world, Dewey has received a new diagnosis, that of diabetes. And it was then that the doctors discovered that there was an anomaly in chromosomes 6 and 10. "Basically, some genetic information was missing, knowing that others were duplicated. Says Katie.

When the boy was 4 months old, he was given a routine examination which made the events take a rather abrupt turn. Dewey was admitted to the hospital for urgent cardiac surgery. Except, unfortunately, the poor baby did not survive the operation. Katie and Josh were completely annihilated.

baby dies tragically

Katie says, "While we were in the hospital, we had become everyone's good friends because we were so discouraged about having healthy children (because we were talking about a genetic case), we were talking to different nurses about the likelihood of adoption. We had so much love to give but Dewey is now in heaven ... I clearly needed to have children to love. "

baby dies tragically

The couple did not know that everything was not lost

A few months later, another child named Braxtel was born in the same hospital as Dewey. He was born with severe breathing problems and was abandoned by his parents when hospital costs became too high for them. After a few months in the hospital, Braxtel was finally on the road to recovery, and that's when his nurses thought of Katie and Josh.

It was still a bit early to talk about it, but they still asked the couple if he would take care of Braxtel. Because he still had health problems, but his future looked promising.

baby dies tragically

In February 2016, Katie and Josh brought their little boy back home and were grateful to have him in their life, even though the pain of Dewey's loss was still present. The young woman could only see this as a response from God to her prayers and stand up for a fresh start, because for her, the best is yet to come.

There is so much to learn from the story of this couple, the amount of love that parents bring to their children is obviously part of it. But there is also this little something that reminds us that in life, we must never lose hope and that sincerity will always be rewarded, sooner or later.
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