If He Does These 6 Things, He Is Still In Love With His Ex

Romantic relationships do not always rhyme with happiness and serenity. Sometimes, even often, stories come to an end. One thing is certain, it is not always easy to move on and forget that person with whom we shared many moments. Meeting someone and embarking on a new adventure is a journey fraught with doubts and uncertainty, especially when you feel that your partner is still suffering from the aftermath of his last story.

It is often difficult to overcome a break and forget an old love, especially if it has marked your life. An ex is always a ghost. Even when everything is over, you are haunted by the fear that it will re-emerge to ruin your relationship. Do not worry, Madam, you are not alone in being bothered by these thoughts.

Things, He Is Still In Love With His Ex

Why is it so hard to move on?

Feelings related to a break often tend to hurt us especially when we are deeply attached. This feeling of sorrow is also sometimes explained by the fear that love will never hit our door again.

Know also that your man does not need to speak or to see his ex constantly so that he is always in love with her, the signs that prove that he could not move on are very obvious in his behavior. Whether it's through his choices, his way of talking to you or the way he treats you.

Discover in this article the 6 flagrant signs that your partner is still in love with his ex.

Here are the 6 signs that do not deceive!

1. He often compares you to his ex
He compares you all the time to his ex (your manner of speaking, your dress style, your new little haircut, etc.). It's as if she's the ideal for him, and nothing else that you can not do it. This reflects his inability to move forward, and these foolish comparisons could indeed indicate that he is probably still attached to it.

2. He is always in touch with her
He probably believes, secretly, that there is a chance they will recover together. You constantly ask him questions about the nature of their conversations and exchanges, but your questions remain unanswered.

3. He is very active in her social media
You finally sneaked into his accounts on social media, and you discovered that he watches for her news and talks to her in secret by texting. Warning ! These messages should not be taken lightly. Take the time to discuss it seriously.

4. He often talks about things they did together
It is true that we often tend to talk about things we have done in the past, it is not alarming. But if your man constantly talks about his holidays with his ex or their little habits, it is because these moments are probably missing.

5. He calls you by her first name
If every time he calls you, he uses the name of his ex, there is something to worry about. This is indeed a sign that he can not get involved in your relationship and that his ex is still present in his mind and perhaps even in his heart.

6. He talks too often about her
He always finds opportunities to talk about his ex. He can say that she always arrived late, that she cheated on him or that she often hurt him. It does not necessarily say beautiful things about it, but the fact of evoking it all the time is not at all good sign. It is a very clear sign that he misses her.
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