Gang Drags Cop Into Woods To Kill Him, They Had No Idea What Would Happen To Them

Our dog friends are unconditionally loyal and fierce defenders when the lives of their masters are in danger. And the story of this policeman testifies once again to this unfailing loyalty.

Canine loyalty

Dogs are remarkable for their legendary loyalty, and this is often presented as an example and arouses admiration. Like when the pet waits for its owner even after his death or keeps the house despite serious obstacles. But how is such loyalty explained? What lies behind its emergence?

The mechanism of origin and development of so-called canine devotion is closely related to a lifestyle different from other canids that guarantees the survival of the species as a whole. The living conditions in the cities are so difficult that the survival of a separate specimen is either very difficult or simply impossible. That's why Mother Nature has created a lifestyle for these animals based on living together with humans, and dog loyalty, which is so popular with everyone, is only its manifestation.

Dog loyalty to humans comes from the common past of both species. After the domestication of the dog, the dog and the man began to change together. As a result, both species have developed an understanding that no other species, including primates, share with humans.

That's something Deputy Todd Frazier of the Long Beach, Mississippi, US Police Department knows very well, having experienced a brawl with thugs that nearly cost him his life .

A police officer in distress

One day during his patrol, Assistant Todd Frazier noticed an unconscious man behind the wheel of his car. With the man seemingly in distress, Todd went straight to check inside the vehicle to see how he could help.

It was then that he was ambushed by two other men. The three attackers together tried to drag him into a nearby wood, beating him and telling him that they were going to kill him.

According to Deputy Chief Don Bass, they told Todd that they were going to slit his throat, and dragged him to the woods.

Fortunately, the assistant Todd Frazier had a trick in his sleeve that the gang did not suspect. There was a button on his belt that allowed him to open a special compartment in his vehicle, freeing his canine partner Lucas K-9 to help him.

The heroism of a dog

As soon as Todd pressed the button, he heard Lucas, who is a malinois, running between the foliage towards him, being very angry.

According to Todd, he heard Lucas coming at high speed. Although he could not see anything because the blood covered his eyes because of the blows he received, he could hear his dog growling like a wolf. At that time, Todd thought it was over for the gang of assailants.

Lucas arrived at the scene and launched his attack without hesitation on the attackers. The latter then left the scene, and one of them left traces of blood behind him.

Lucas had blood on him but it was hard to know how much of the three men he managed to hurt.

Assistant Todd knew very well that he was very lucky, because he was not tall, and he had three men on him who beat him. Fortunately, he had with him his faithful partner, and had only to press the button for Lucas to jump from the car and attack the three men quickly. For Todd, Lucas is a hero!

Lucas suffered some injury while on duty, including a torn ligament and a few lost teeth, but after receiving the necessary veterinary care, he recovered quickly. In fact, Lucas was awarded the "Hero of the Year" award for his bravery!

The heroic act of the dog Lucas has avoided a certain death to the assistant Todd Frazier, and this shows again what dogs can do to save their masters, and how much they can show courage, bravery, and loyalty. Feel free to share this beautiful story that shows the legendary loyalty of our canine friends!
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