This 6 Year Old Child Dies After Eating A Pancake At School

Life hangs by a thread. Just a moment of inattention crossing the street, an innocent daily gesture or simply an intolerance to food to tip us to the side of death. Food allergies are part of it. They can be dangerous, even fatal, and can occur at any age.

Signs of an allergic reaction to a food can be multiple. They may include pain, vomiting, red patches, pruritus, or itching, but in some cases, intolerance may be more dangerous, leading to angioedema or anaphylactic shock, which can lead to death. The latter is an exaggerated reaction of the immune system of our body against proteins. This is what happens when you have an allergy to cow's milk protein or simply a lactose allergy. This allergy most often concerns babies or young children.

This 6 Year Old Child Dies After Eating A Pancake At School

Prevention against these allergies is essential. A person allergic to lactose, for example, should avoid all dairy products or milk-based dishes. A simple mistake or omission can be fatal. Unfortunately, Jahden, a six-year-old, has not escaped ...

Tragic story of this little child

Jahden lived in Beaujolais with his parents. In his school where he had been enrolled for 3 years, he was known to be allergic to lactose. All the staff of the school and even the parents of the other students were aware of his intolerance; it was a fact known to all.

During his three years of school and until his rise to the large section of kindergarten, Jahden had known no incident of allergy. However, on a carnival feast day, after the festivities, his schoolmistress had served him a pancake, which he had rushed to eat, innocently, thinking it was a crepe with water as he used to eat at home. But it was a classic crepe made from milk.

The reaction of little Jahden was immediate and was not long in coming. He had immediately started to experience the symptoms of a severe allergy resulting in anaphylactic shock. He was suffering from severe respiratory distress, his blood pressure was starting to drop and when his mother ran from his house, he fainted in his arms after giving him a last sentence "Help me, I'm going die ".

He died that day, leaving his parents helpless and in distress. The report of the autopsy confirmed his death by immediate allergic reaction due to ingurgitation of lactose through the pancake.

His parents accuse and hold the schoolmistress responsible for the death of their son. She was aware of her lactose intolerance, according to the first known elements. They believe that his act was simply illogical and irresponsible. Neither do they understand the negligence of school staff who were aware of his severe allergy and the care needed to provide Jahden with an emergency. The prosecutor of Villefranche-sur-Saone confirmed this state of affairs.

An investigation is still under way to determine the responsibility of each staff member of the school, including the teacher, in this tragedy.

The funeral of little Jahden will be organized in Reunion. A call for donations was launched by the association "Little Heart" to reap the cost of airline tickets for the benefit of family members, bereaved.

What is anaphylactic shock?

Anaphylactic shock is a serious reaction that must be managed quickly by emergency care because life threatening can be engaged. If the shock is identified, that the person has necessary equipment such as the injection of adrenaline, the treatment must be carried out immediately. In the case where the person does not have means of relief. Ideally :
  • Place it in the lateral safety position, placing the victim on the side in a rifle and keeping his head aligned in the axis of the back, with his mouth open.
  • To free his airways
  • To stay with her and reassure her until help arrives.

The problem of food allergy should not be taken casually, especially if it endangers the life of the human being. No one is supposed to ignore the dangers of these intolerances. The ignorance associated with negligence can lead to fatality.
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