We Are Born 7 Times In This World ... Discover The Number You Are Currently On!

Very often, people complain about being born at the wrong age or at the wrong time. Why does this happen? There are certain explanations, including the one that many people believe: we live in this world more than once; even though most people have very often no memory of their past lives, just a lingering and indefinite aftertaste. Read these seven descriptions and find the one that comes close to your way of life to know what life you are in now!

Born 7 Times In This World

1. The Infant
This is supposed to be your first birth. The first time your soul sees the world. You grow in a world where everything is new. People at this stage of birth must still find their marks. They feel overwhelmed by things and have little patience.

This life, being the first, challenges you as life challenges a child relentlessly. You have to go through this phase to understand what life is doing to you. This life is carried out with great difficulty and if you feel that nothing is ever working for you, then you can be in childhood.

2.  The Learner
The apprentice is the second birth or first rebirth a person discovers. Your soul, which is no longer new in the world, has learned to understand it. You spend this life trying to learn things, know people and decipher emotions. Your personality takes the form of an avid apprentice.

If you spend most of your time trying to learn new things and trying to understand the world, then you may be in the second life. You learn not only about others but also about yourself.

3. The Explorer
The third life, or the second rebirth, leads you on the path of exploration. Now that your soul has understood what to expect in life and what things you need to learn, you will be predisposed to explore your world. You will find yourself attracted by new ideas, new thoughts and new places.

If you are still looking for places to visit and you have the feeling that there is so much to do and so much to see but so little time, then you are probably living your third life.

4. The Lover
The fourth life brings you love. Once your soul knows what it is and what lessons it has learned from the past, it tries to incorporate love into it. You will also find love in other lives, but true love will come into this life. You will already understand who you are so the next step is to understand who to love.

If you find that the only thing missing in your life is true love, that you think you are happy with your life, aside from that romantic aspect that seems to be missing, then you are living your fourth life.

5. The Achiever
The fifth life, or the fourth revival, is when everything you have learned, experienced and found will be applied. Your soul will come into this world, prepared to do things.

If you feel that you are one step from success. If you find yourself anxious and excited at the same time, that you think that one day you will find the recognition you deserve and that success will come to you, then you are living your fifth life.

6. The Giver
The sixth life requires you to give back what you have earned in your previous lives. It allows you to think in terms of contribution, to help others. Altruism would be the first thing you would learn from this life before moving on to the next.

If you feel the need to keep doing things for others and feel obligated to make sure they are not hurt, that's the sixth life.

7. Transcendence
The seventh and last life you have will be the one that transcends your soul beyond all that is human. It will put you above the trivialities and everyday problems of life, your soul will be in pursuit of something much bigger than you.

If you find yourself thinking that there is a greater calling for you, that you feel detached from the regularity of life, and that you hate the drama and the trivial things that people argue about, that can tell you that you are in the last life.
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