The Baby Born By Caesarean Section - Then The Dad Drops A Bomb That Leaves The Doctor Speechless

We have all lived even once in life, moments in which strange events were linked to guide us to an ultimate goal. Many skeptics, for the most part, would say that it is only a coincidence. Others, on the other hand, would say that it is a coincidence, generated by the universe, an infinite dimension that escapes our control and our logic. These coincidences have, however, been studied by many great psychotherapists who have called them "synchronicities".

Baby Born By Caesarean Section

The Universe can sometimes do everything possible to connect certain people to each other. He can create certain events, change certain situations in order to organize this meeting. Anything or change happens for one reason or another and life can sometimes seem unpredictable. Nothing happens as we want and as we have planned. Destiny catches up with us and the divine force directs us. It is true that we are responsible for what happens to us and what we have achieved until today. However, it happens sometimes that things do not always happen as programmed and that fate unexpectedly sets the course of events. Thus, we have a free will in our life but also a destiny.

Fate and coincidences can be connected to achieve a definite end. Coincidence is actually a miracle event that can take a long time to manifest in a person's life. The incredible story of Kristina McIntosh and Kyle of Omaha in the United States seems to explain the phenomenon of coincidences that surprises us without knowing how to explain it.

Here is their story

The baby born by cesarean section

Kristina and Kyle were waiting for a happy event. Kristina was going to give birth to a little girl and they were both excited to welcome him into their lives. Thus, they prepared and organized while waiting for his arrival. However, by putting their administrative papers in order, including their birth certificates, a surprise awaited them. Their daughter Hunter-Rose was to be born on August 16, exactly the same date of birth as her mother. This coincidence surprised and amused them at the same time.

The baby born by cesarean section

However, Hunter-Rose had decided otherwise and four days before the expected date of birth, she had decided to come into the world. The delivery had begun and Kristina was in critical condition to the point that the doctors decided to deliver her urgently by caesarean section. Her doctor was unable to operate, so another gynecologist, Dr. Jorge Sotolongo, a hospital elder, took care of the Kristina caesarean section that went well without any complications. Hunter-Rose was born and received by the loving arms of her parents.

Subsequently, Dr. Jorge Sotolongo, came to the hospital room to congratulate the new family on the happy event. That's how they discovered an incredible truth. It turned out that in this same hospital, more than twenty years ago, Kristina and Kyle were born by the same Dr. Sotolongo. Kristina and Kyle and the Doctor could not believe it and could not believe this famous coincidence. They were delighted but at the same time shaken by the force of destiny that put this doctor on the path of birth to all three. It's a unique story that spans two generations.

Was it the fruit of destiny or coincidence? In this story the two are getting closer. Fate did everything possible to bring this doctor closer to the two babies who became adults, whom he gave birth in the same hospital. Events have rewritten their destiny.
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