A Woman Follows Her Heart, Marries A Boyfriend With Terminal Cancer - Then The Unthinkable Happens

Love is a vital need for the mind and body. The more connected you are to people, the more you give and receive love, and the more physically and emotionally you will be healthy. Moreover, love has incredible power, and following his heart often proves to be a good decision, because in any case, we come out better, as evidenced by the story of this woman who chooses to marry. his boyfriend with terminal cancer!

The power of love

It is true that the less love you have, the more likely you are to suffer from depression in your life. Love is probably the best antidepressant, because one of the most common sources of depression is the feeling of not being loved. Most depressed people do not like each other and do not feel loved by others.

When your heart is closed, love has no way to enter it. You must clean your heart of all hate or resentment to welcome love. When your love is pure, you can love without conditions. The power of love, unconditional love, allows you to live authentic lives and enjoy healthy relationships.

Love makes us sacrifice for a greater purpose. We suppress our ego, and we abandon our personal and selfish desires. It is through sacrifice that love makes all sense!

As a testimony to the power of love, the amazing story of this woman and her boyfriend with terminal cancer.

A Woman Follows Her Heart, Marries A Boyfriend With Terminal Cancer - Then The Unthinkable Happens

A joy that does not last long

Rob Mooberry and Amanda work at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. From their first meeting, there was love in the air. Shortly after becoming a couple, their relationship was put to the test. Rob began to feel badly, complaining about his stomach, and often feeling bad. After a year of relationship, Rob had lost 66 Pound.

After consulting several doctors, a surgeon decided to investigate through the surgery. After the operation, the couple was confronted with devastating news. The doctor was forced to announce the horrible news: Rob had a very serious colon cancer. During the operation, the doctor had removed a tumor the size of a fist.

Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come. The cancer had already spread to the intestines, lymph nodes and bladder. The doctors estimated that Rob had only a few weeks to live. And at that moment, Rob realized that he was in a race against the clock.

One night, while Amanda was lying next to him in the hospital, Rob turned to her and whispered, "I want to get married. Amanda answered immediately, "Me too! "

Rob and Amanda did the wedding ceremony just two days before starting radiation therapy. After the start of Rob's treatment, he showed no signs of improvement at first.

In desperation, the couple turned to alternative medicine. Rob decided to take a break from conventional cancer treatments and let his body get rid of some toxins.

They both changed their diet for a strictly vegan diet, experimented with different herbs, with coffee enemas (elimination of toxins by administering biochemical elements present in the coffee rectally).

A successful fight against the disease

After only three weeks, Rob returned for more tests, but miraculously, he found that 80% of the cancer was gone from his body. And in December 2014, all traces of the disease disappeared from Rob's body.

Rob, however, wanted to point out that he does not want to spread rumors that choosing a vegan diet can definitely defeat cancer. However, he hopes he can inspire others to choose a healthier lifestyle.

After Rob's health began to improve, the couple decided to start a family together. Because of radiotherapy, it was impossible for them to conceive naturally. So they turned to in vitro fertilization.

In 2016, Amanda became pregnant with twins. She said, "It's crazy to think that a few years ago, we had every chance against us. It shows that love can work miracles. "

This story demonstrates that unconditional love in a couple can have great power and even work miracles! Feel free to share the story of this couple!
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