A Pregnant Mother Does Not Believe Her Eyes When She Sees The Ultrasound: “Are you kidding me?” - Watch Video

Prospective parents are both nervous and excited when they discover they are expecting a baby. They may seek information on the subject and advice from family members and friends, but no lesson is better than experience. Moreover, many doctors encourage parents to trust their own instinct and to dare to listen, especially the maternal instinct, which proves to be very powerful, as evidenced by the case of this mother!

The maternal instinct

In humans, the unique and particular instinct of the mother is often a force to be reckoned with. When a woman becomes a mother, she draws in some sort of psychic power to understand the complex details of another human being. In a society so advanced, the instinctive qualities of a mother are still often neglected or regarded as an excessive worry or paranoia.

A pregnant mother does not believe her eyes when she sees the ultrasound

A mother can take her baby to the doctor. The baby has no fever, no sores, and no diagnosable disease. But as a mother, she knows something is wrong. She may even stay awake all night with a feeling that something is wrong with her child. Finally, and this happens often, she discovers that she was right.

As a mother gains experience raising children, she becomes even more adept at understanding what hurts her children or makes them happy than any other person.

Perhaps giving birth to a creature who lives in his belly for so long allows him to forge a special relationship with his offspring. It may be because mothers feel so much love for their children that they are able to transcend language and traditional methods of communication. Perhaps it is more of a shared energy phenomenon, or perhaps simply the urgent desire to protect and be a shield that allows a mother to bridge the gap between time and distance and feel the difference. state of mind and emotions of his child. The maternal instinct will always remain an enigma to elucidate.

As an illustration of the maternal instinct and its power, here is the story of this woman whose instinct was right about her pregnancy.

A third pregnancy, different
Monica Price, already a mother of two, became pregnant for the third time in her life, she thought she now had the necessary experience and knew what to expect. But she was wrong.

Having had experience with their two children, Monica and her husband knew all the difficulties and challenges of pregnancy. They were relatively experienced parents. But things will take a different turn this time.

A pregnant mother does not believe her eyes when she sees the ultrasound

After 9 weeks and 4 days, the couple went to the doctor for a first ultrasound.

Before doing the ultrasound, Monica admitted that she felt that this pregnancy was different from her previous two pregnancies. She was very excited to do the ultrasound, because she simply could not wait to find out what was different this time.

Trembling and nervous

When Monica lay down, it was obvious that she was very nervous. She was trembling and held her breath, waiting for the doctor's evaluation of the ultrasound.

Finally, Monica was right. The doctor quickly confirmed that this ultrasound was very different from its previous two. It only took a few seconds for Monica to realize what was really happening, and she burst into tears when she had confirmation that her intuition was right. It turned out that Monica did not just have a baby in her belly, but two!

While Monica cried with joy, her husband stared at the screen in disbelief. He also felt that something was different this time.

Watch the incredible moment when these parents discover that they have twins in the video below!

It's absolutely amazing how a mom's instinct can be right! And the case of Monica confirms the power of the maternal instinct that goes beyond the rational human analysis.
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