A 4-year-old Girl Crying Out Of The Mcdonalds Restroom. Then Her Mom Discovers The Horror On Her Leg

Learning autonomy for a child is an essential factor in his education. The duty of each parent is to prepare their child to become an adult capable of taking initiatives, making their own choices, becoming responsible and coping on a daily basis. This freedom is good for its development, but at a young age, it must be granted sparingly.

Developing autonomy in a child is an important factor in self-confidence. In a child between the ages of 4 and 5, some freedom is possible provided that the task he or she has to do is simple and safe. That's what a mom who gave her daughter, Kaya, a certain freedom to act but ended up regretting ...

The misfortune of Kaya

Nicole and her 4-year-old daughter were having lunch at McDonald's restaurant, when Kaya was anxious to go to the bathroom. She wanted to go alone to show her mom that she was able to fend for herself. Nicole finally accepted that this little freedom would be safe for her daughter, especially since she was nearby.

Nicole, however, noticed two teenage girls coming out of the bathroom laughing but did not really pay attention. She did not suspect what was coming. But after seeing her daughter running out and crying, she realized that something was wrong inside the restroom.

The two teenage girls that the mother saw coming out, wanted to make a bad joke to the customers of the restaurant by putting glue on the seat of the toilet. As a result, the poor child was left with glue on her legs to such an extent that it was difficult to remove it from her, at the risk of tearing her skin.

McDonald's staff responded with great professionalism and provided Kaya with care while managing stress and anxiety.

A 4-year-old Girl Crying Out Of The Mcdonalds Restroom. Then Her Mom Discovers The Horror On Her Leg

The security services were immediately called and informed of the incident. The investigation to find the two teenage girls is still in progress. Fortunately, Kaya's misadventure ended without serious consequences. However, her mother has posted this incident on social networks to educate parents about the danger that children can run and especially the terror they can feel when something of this kind affects them.
  • It is important for a young child to have some freedom to develop his autonomy, provided he is given it with great caution and moderation.
  • According to Joëlle Sayegh, PhD and a member of the O.P.Q (Ordre des Psychologues du Québec), there are important factors to consider before granting a child the said freedom.
  • A child must first feel safe with his parents by feeling their love and protection. He must grow up in a stable and reassuring environment in which he is well treated and must feel the availability of his parents to give him the attention he needs.
  • He must feel loved and respected by making it a priority in order to feel up to it.
  • He must have the parents' patience to help him develop his autonomy. However, according to Dr. Joel, you have to know when to help and when to let it go. Thus he will gradually develop his self-confidence.

However, a parent is responsible for the safety of his child, whether physical or psychological, and must think carefully before giving him any freedom. Some children show a need for independence more than others. In this case, a dosage is required and the freedom must be done gradually. It is possible to give him the freedom of action but at least in the presence of an adult, especially at a young age.
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