A 12-year-old Girl Is Taken To Hospital By A 40-year-old Man. What Doctors Find In Her Belly Is Really Shocking

The human being is a species that will always amaze. Although it is remarkable and singular, sometimes its behavior can be, unexpected or even absurd. Sigmund Freud, explained it well in his book Malaise dans la civilization; life in society transforms man. With today's era, we are witnessing the emergence of various pathological parasitisms of human behavior, going as far as perversion.

Unusual stories, citing human behavior, abound in the press. Most often, their stories reflect repugnant and revolting facts. These stories surprise and repel us. While browsing them, we are never at the end of our surprises. Here is the story of a 12-year-old girl who shocked the world ...

The facts of this story took place in a region of China. A girl, obviously suffering, was taken to the hospital by a man in his forties. He told the doctors that he was his wife and that she was 20 years old. The girl was tiny and did not seem to be that age.

A 12-year-old Girl Is Taken To Hospital By A 40-year-old Man. What Doctors Find In His Belly Is Really Shocking

The suspicion of doctors

The doctors were suspicious and had huge doubts about the age of the girl. Also, their professionalism has encouraged them to take the girl aside to examine and question him to extract the maximum information that can help them. But she was struggling to express herself; the girl did not speak Mandarin and had no identity papers on her. The only information they could have was about her age: she was only 12 years old! This girl was still a teenager.

Another fact shocked the doctors

Another fact turned out during the medical examination; the girl was pregnant! At 12, only, this girl was carrying a child in her womb. It is known that at this age, pregnancy is very dangerous. A girl under the age of 15 who is pregnant is five times more likely to die than at the age of 20.

A 12-year-old Girl Is Taken To Hospital By A 40-year-old Man. What Doctors Find In His Belly Is Really Shocking

The Chinese authorities were immediately called

The interrogation of the man by the police actually revealed a report confirming the age of the girl. However, the man remained silent on the rest of the facts. He has in no way explained the origin of the girl nor the place of their meeting. As a result, the identification of the teenage girl is still under investigation. However, the police have presumed that the girl was probably trafficked into Southeast Asia. The 40-year-old man has been incarcerated and the investigation is still going on to shed some light on the girl's past.

Participation in human trafficking, pedophilia, perversion; such are the behaviors of this man and may be sadly that of so many others in the world. Perversion is the unlimited enjoyment of using others for one's own enjoyment without worrying in the least about the suffering and humiliation of others. The perversity of human behavior has always existed and will always exist. According to Dr. Dominique Barbier, these disorders must be taken care of since childhood; a child who has suffered social trauma will find it difficult to develop in a harmonious and balanced way.

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