86-Year-Old Man Reported To His Doctor That His Wife Of 20-year-old Is Pregnant Before Being Disappointed

Adultery is without a doubt the scourge capable of destroying all relations once pierced by the day. But there are couples in which such a secret lasts so long that it evolves with the years thus aggravating the disappointment of the person, whether male or female, once she discovers the illusion in which she lived .

The impact of adultery on a couple

When talking about a conjugal relationship, there is definitely talk of commitment, and fidelity is an integral part of it. The reason why adulterous activities are experienced in a couple as a transgression of the marital contract, whether tacit or not, is reflected in three different aspects in the daily life of both spouses:

The lie lived in everyday life: rare are the cases where one could come across people willing to share their partner, their time, their love and their attention in favor of someone else, this applies elsewhere short and long term relationships. It is for this reason that extramarital relationships are generally considered to be the peak of disloyalty in a couple.

Conflicts take place: in such circumstances, there is a gap between the two parts of the couple for the simple reason that love and desire are no longer directed towards the other partner but rather towards a third person. And with all the upheavals that come with adultery such as anger, frustration and despair, the atmosphere becomes more and more electric, which can easily give rise to big arguments.

A tough choice: once the deception discovered, two alternatives are offered to the partner who has suffered, it will be up to him to make this crucial decision that ultimately determine the future of the relationship. He must either put an end to the relationship that has become toxic to him or share his love life with someone else. Knowing that in many cases, the unfaithful partner does not even let that choice to the other, especially if the reason hiding behind his adultery is to have found something else that he did not find in his couple.

The story of the old man who was expecting a child

A doctor asked a man how he felt, the latter, aged 86, told him: "Things are going well, and I have never felt so good! I now have a young wife of 20 who is pregnant with my child. What do you think doctor?

The doctor thought for a minute, before starting to tell a story.

"I have a friend older than me, a bit like you, who is a passionate hunter, so much so that he does not miss any hunting season. One day, he went hunting. And in the hurry, he accidentally picked up his cane instead of his rifle. "

"As he approached a lake, he came across a very large beaver sitting at the edge of the water. He then realized that he had left his gun at home, so it was impossible for him to shoot this beautiful creature. But out of habit he raises his cane, points it at the animal as if it were his favorite shotgun, and yells "bang bang! ". Miraculously, two gunshots sounded and the beaver fell dead. "

"Now, what do you think? The doctor asks him.

The old man replies, "The logic strongly suggests that someone else fired a few bullets at this beaver. "

The doctor replies, "That's exactly where I was going. "

This simple little story carries a heavy message, it reveals to us how much a person can delude himself and not see things for what they are because of the love they have. wears it to his partner, even if he takes it by boat.
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