To Take Care Of Her Paralyzed Husband, She Divorces Him And Marries His Best Friend

Paralysis is one of the conditions that can most impact a person's life. If it is for example a paralysis of the legs, this will deprive it of this freedom of movement as well as a very large part of its autonomy. Reason why this kind of case also concerns at first the entourage of the patient, who must make every effort to access his various needs. Not all families live under the same conditions, so the decisions they make are far from similar, the most important being the well-being of the disabled.

she divorced him and married his best friend

What is paralysis ?

Paralysis is not always due to a degenerative muscle disease, also called "myopathy". When this is not the case, it is the result of an injury to the nerve control represented by neurons or one or more muscles or muscle groups.

The affected neuron may be a central or peripheral neuron, or an extrapyramidal neuron.

When the central neuron is reached, this causes so-called spasmodic paralysis accompanied by an exaggeration of the osteotendinous reflexes and a conservation of the involuntary movements.

The involvement of a peripheral neuron causes so-called "flaccid" paralysis with abolition of reflexes and elimination of voluntary and involuntary movements.

The extrapyramidal neuron once affected can cause paralysis isolated involuntary movements, but most often, it is manifested through abnormal involuntary movements that are no longer coordinated and which, at the same time, become hypertonic.

After paralysis, divorce!

Our story is happening in China, where a woman divorces her husband after he has been paralyzed? She then marries her best friend so they can take care of him together. Strange is not it? But it works well according to them. Do not confuse this story with a love triangle because it is not at all one.

she divorced him and married his best friend

This woman named Xie Xiping from Angkang divorced her husband Xu Xiahan after he was paralyzed. And this has been going on since 2000 following a mining accident that prevented him from walking again. After divorcing, Xie Xiping married her husband's best friend, Liu Zongkui. And now, they all live together in a house with all their children.

It was actually the will of the husband

After being paralyzed, Xu insisted that his wife leave him to marry someone else and be happy. But instead, she married her best friend because she never wanted to leave him alone in these difficult times. They also thought it was a very good idea since it allowed them to take care of him together.

Xie has 3 children, two with Xu and one with Liu. Her idea of marrying her ex-husband's best friend worked for them and now all six live together under one roof. This is not a problem for either of the men. Liu knows she has to take care of her former husband because she can not leave him alone. Her new husband not only supported her but also helped her take care of Xu.

The disabled ex-husband also understands that she had to do it because she could not bear such a responsibility alone and needed someone to help her take care of her. him. And what better option than his best friend? Hence the decision to marry Liu. And now, they are happy and live together without any complication or conflict.

she divorced him and married his best friend

Many people have not quite understood this situation, most have even judged their decision, but what is certain is that sometimes we have to forget what the world thinks and do what we have to do to help those who matter to us.
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