This Story Will Melt Your Heart - Respect Your Old Parents!

Respect is a universal value that we must embrace without restriction. First, there is self-respect, then respect for others, especially parents. Indeed, to respect his parents is a proof of love and gratitude towards them. It is taking care of their health, cherishing them for life; it's honoring them.

Our parents gave us life and sacrificed for us. They loved and accepted us as we are. They will always be there for us no matter what, but once they leave, it will be too late.

This Story Will Melt Your Heart - Respect Your Old Parents

By obligation, we must respect our parents, even more in their old age. It means respecting their past and their experiences, recognizing their qualities and their faults and being grateful for what they have taught us as basic principles for our education and especially the immeasurable love they have always had for us. To illustrate this love and respect, there is no better than the moving story of this old man who lived with his son ...

Here is the story of this touching story

An elderly man and his son, aged 80 and 45 respectively, lived together under the same roof. One day while sitting by the window, a raven approached. The old man asked his son what it was. The son replied that it was a raven. After a few minutes, the father asked the same question to his son, who gave him the same answer. Subsequently the father asked the same question, a third and a fourth time. Annoyed and irritated, the son gave him the same answer but this time by reproaching him, in an annoyed and angry tone, his inability to understand and to remember.

Shortly after, the old man retrieved a diary from his room in which he wrote all the memories he had with his son. He asked his son to read the first page, and that's what he wrote:

"My son and I were sitting on the sofa near the window. He was just 4 years old. At the sight of a raven on the ledge, he asked me what it was and I answered him. He rested several times in succession, the same question and each time I gave him the same answer by squeezing him very hard, in my arms, so I was moved by his innocence. "

Discomfited, the son felt humiliated by his own disrespectful behavior. He felt guilty for lacking understanding and patience and especially respect for his father who had shown him so much love and tolerance in the past.

Moral lesson
We must be grateful for the gift of life that our parents gave us. This recognition is not necessarily material. A recognition must come especially from the heart. 

So, make sure you understand their weakness, their disability if they are sick and take care of them. To recognize their wisdom, to remember how much they loved us, to spend more time with them, to show them our love and affection, to avoid conflicts and disputes by adopting good communication with them and especially to respect them. Remember that life is short, that we have little time to spend with elderly parents. 

Let us also remember that one day we will have children and we would like them to show us the same respect.
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