This Man Can Not Pay His Gas Bill Of 110$ - So A Stranger Pays The Bill But On One Condition!

Throughout our lives we are meant to meet people and interact with them. These can be visual, linguistic, etc. because they usually take place through communication. This phenomenon is what we call human relations, which are based on love, fraternity, solidarity, company or professional interactions.

Some parameters degrade human relationships such as conflict, susceptibility, egoism or submission. On the other hand, other parameters improve these relationships such as sharing, positive feelings, union or empathy.

This man can not pay his gas bill of 90$


In terms of daily human relationships, empathy plays a key role because it is the ability to put oneself in others' shoes, to represent what they feel and / or think. It is also a way to be in agreement with the other but also with oneself. In fact, the human being blossoms in contact with his fellow human beings and empathy makes it possible to create a beneficial and saving connection with the other.

To the right extent and realized by everyone, empathy brings the relationship closer to one another. In addition, in situations of vulnerability and danger, it helps to defuse the risk of violence because it promotes the release of emotions. Thus, to show empathy, it is to be right with the other and with oneself, it is to carry out gestures of goodness and to show solidarity as certain stories show, including the history of this man in financial difficulty .

The gesture of kindness of this man

Tyson Crawley was at the gas station one morning early to fill up on gas. After filling his car and his jerry can, he goes to the small shop of the station to buy two iced coffees.

Once inside, he goes to the cashier and remembers that the night before he had transferred all his money to a new bank account and he did not have his new card with him. Then, in his wallet, he finds another bank card from a joint account. However, he could not remember the code!

He was trying to find a solution using his mobile phone because he had to pay his bill in the amount of 110$. As he had to get to work, he starts to panic.

It was then that a man, who had bought and paid a coffee just before him, returned to the shop. He asked him if he needed money, which Tyson said he did not, and his problem was that he had forgotten his credit card code. The man continues to insist on paying and finally, Tyson accepts his offer but he wanted to pay him back. So, he asks him to write his number behind the receipt. Then, Tyson asked him a bit special: to take a picture together. Tyson was so upset by this gesture of kindness that he wanted to keep a memory of his benefactor.

This man can not pay his gas bill of 90$

The two men leave each other wishing each other a good day. Tyson then looks behind the receipt, to enter the number of this man in his repertoire, but he discovers a completely different message. The man had written his first name and the following message: "Spread".

Tyson understands that the most important thing is to help others and that money is so much less valuable than kindness. He shared his story on social networks and he encourages all of us to spread love, peace and kindness. So, you too, share this article if you want a better world!
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