This Little Girl Dies For A Cruel Reason

With no less than 41,000 child victims of homicide worldwide, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), child abuse refers to all forms of violence and neglect suffered by girls and boys under age, whether at through physical, emotional or even abuse.

This is a global problem whose consequences for the victim are very serious, ranging from long-term psychological disorders to death. Being causing suffering for both the victim and the family, it is essential to prevent child abuse, including by detecting it at the first warning signs.

This little girl dies for a cruel reason

How do you know if your child is being abused?

It is often difficult for children who are victims of violence or neglect to report the problem to a loved one. Therefore, it is essential to know the signs that can put you on the trail of abuse. First of all, here is the behavior to adopt if a child tells you that he is a victim of violence:
  • Believe it
  • Listen to it without judgment and remaining calm
  • Reassure the child and offer him your support
  • Explain carefully that what happened is not his fault
  • Take note of what the child is saying to you, using the same words
  • Ask him questions about the circumstances of the event, without rushing him.

Also, check for signs of assault and be sure to contact local authorities or a child and family service agency so the incident does not recur.

On the other hand, if it turns out that the child is being abused, you can help her heal by allowing her to break the silence about the violence around her, increasing her self-esteem and her ability to cope. to protect physically and psychologically and to provide a healthy and pleasant environment for positive experiences. In addition, if the person who abuses a child is a loved one or someone you know, offer them appropriate help from a psychologist to stop family violence and avoid disastrous consequences, as has been the case. lived this dying mourning father. Discover his story ...

Senad, a father in mourning because of his ex-wife

This little girl dies for a cruel reason

Arina is the daughter of Senad Kardasevic and Sanda Alibabic. Unfortunately, like many couples, they divorced. As a result of this divorce, Sanda met her new companion, Mirzan Jakupi, with whom she decided to move in.

This new companion, also having children, wanted to create a family recomposed with the children of Sanda. However, things quickly turned to disaster.

This little girl dies for a cruel reason

Indeed, when Senad recovered Arina, he noticed that she had marks on the body, which aroused her suspicions about a possible abuse. He contacted the social services, who did an investigation but found nothing to prove any abuse.

However, sometime later, Sanda called an ambulance claiming that her baby girl had been injured because she accidentally hit a radiator. But Arina was in a much more critical state and such a fall could not be the cause. She had an extremely swollen face, broken bones and horrible bruises all over her body.

The doctors tried everything to save her but the girl died after two days. His father, Senad, stayed with him all the time to say goodbye tenderly, helpless in the face of the death of his daughter.

This little girl dies for a cruel reason

Since the death of his granddaughter, Senad has been fighting for justice. Sanda and Mirzan were arrested and face a 15-year prison sentence and the case went back to the Slovenian Minister of Labor, Family and Social Affairs as Arina could have been saved if social services had detected, before the tragedy, she was mistreated.

Unfortunately, this kind of tragic event is not the first and it is our duty to make it the last. In case of doubt of abuse and for a better awareness of child abuse among the public but also professionals, share this article!
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