This Buddhist Monk 'standing And Smiling' Two Months After His Death!

Allowing to express different emotions, including joy and pleasure, the smile reveals who we are and our state of mind. Thus, a baby who smiles marvels while a smile of scorn or irony annoys and puzzled because several meanings are hidden behind this cerebral mechanism.

Moreover, if there is one area in which the meaning of the smile is important, it is Buddhism. Indeed, the smile of Buddha is the expression of an altruistic love without any limit and based on a right knowledge of things. It reflects benevolence towards others, in the hope that everyone will find happiness and the causes of happiness, that is, wisdom, inner freedom and compassion.

This Unborn Buddhist Monk Smiles Again, Two Months After His Death!

But much more, Buddhism is a teaching that is practiced on a daily basis and is illustrated by the Dharma. The latter is part of the "Three Treasures" or "Three Jewels" of Buddhism: the Buddha (the Awakened), the Dharma (the whole of the teachings) and the Sangha (the community).

The Dharma, bringing together life and the teaching of life, means studying oneself and clarifying one's existence. Far from the simple acquisition of knowledge, it is the transformation of one's own life, using texts, writing and meditation.

Thus, in this work on ourselves and on our perception of the world, Buddhism accompanies us and this, until the end of our days as the history of this Buddhist monk shows.

Luang Phor Pian, a monk smiling after death

This Buddhist Monk 'standing And Smiling' Two Months After His Death!

Originally from Cambodia, Luang Phor Pian was a revered spiritual and Buddhist master in the central Thai province of Lopburi. Before converting to Buddhism, Luang Phor Pian helped his parents in their work as peasants, then he was a soldier for two years in Lopburi's national service.

This Buddhist Monk 'standing And Smiling' Two Months After His Death!

Then he married and had 7 children and 2 grandchildren. However, at age 49, he decided to turn to Buddhism for the third time in his life. He decided to devote himself to it entirely and became the disciple of a master of Wat Krien Kathin.

Quickly, he was a respected teacher both for his knowledge of prayers and for his specialization in Vipassana meditation, which refers to "deep sight" or "inspection" in the Buddhist tradition. In the same way, his constant good humor and his wisdom made him a monk appreciated by all.

This Buddhist Monk 'standing And Smiling' Two Months After His Death!

Unfortunately, Luang Phor Pian died at the age of 92, following an illness, at the Bangkok Hospital. So, he was buried according to Buddhist funerary rituals so that the passage of his soul and his reincarnation are complete.

Thus, to complete this process of rebirth after death, it is customary to remove the body of the coffin, especially for venerated monks. That's why, two months after his burial, Luang Phor Pian was unearthed on the anniversary of his death. And his disciples had the marvelous surprise that his body was still in good condition and he smiled, proving his tukdam.

Tukdam refers to the spiritual state in which the monk is. It is a meditative state synonymous with ultimate peace and Nirvana because all the sufferings of the individual are destroyed, ending the cycle of karma and life.

From now on, Luang Phor Pian's disciples are reassured about their master's well-being and will continue to pray for him until a final rest ceremony takes place on the 100th day of his death.

Through this conservation of the body and the serenity that reigns on the face of Luang Phor Pian, one understands more why some people are turning to a Buddhist way of life, especially to find peace. Of course, there are other ways to blossom and everyone should find their own!
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