The Doctor Takes The Dead Baby And The Deceased Mother To The Morgue. And 2 Miracles Happen

Sometimes, when things turn drama, life changes and we think that everything is over, the situation can change and everything can return to order for a happy ending.

Most of the time, when these turnarounds end pretty well, we become grateful to have kept what we cherished the most and it can concern our wealth, our health or the members of our family closest to us. Mike Hermanstorfer, experienced with his wife Tracy aged 33, pregnant and very healthy.

The Doctor Takes The Dead Baby And The Deceased Mother To The Morgue. And 2 Miracles Happen

The nightmare began around 12:30 on Christmas Eve. Tracy, in full delivery at the hospital suffered a cardiac arrest. Mike was devastated. He had just lost his wife and baby. Doctors were puzzled by this situation as it was very rare. Tracy was in perfect health and there was little indication of what would have caused her cardiac arrest. Immediately, the blue code was triggered to begin the resuscitation, they had to act quickly to remake beat his heart especially as his baby was dangerously close to death. 

Doctors were fighting to resuscitate her with chest compressions, but she did not respond to it. Four minutes later, fearing for the baby's life, they decided to perform an emergency caesarean section. This practice is called the "four-minute rule," since if Tracy was not resuscitated within 4-5 minutes, she was at risk of brain injury, but what was also serious was that the baby's chance of survival was almost nil.

The doctors quickly transported her to an operating room to perform a caesarean section. The staff then resuscitated the baby, who finally groaned and came back to life. It was the best cry Mike ever heard. Moments after the birth of her son, Tracy took a short breath of air, her pulse was barely noticeable, but he was beating. Almost as suddenly as she was dead, she was alive again. 

Tracy was also saved and out of danger. Mike had gone from grief and despair to losing two people to the joy of finding them.

Dr. Michael Greene, director of obstetrics at Massachusetts General Hospital, was perplexed about Tracy's case and was trying to understand the reason that could have caused her cardiac arrest. From his experience, he felt that Tracy could have an amniotic embolism, a condition in which the liquid in which the baby bathes in the womb infiltrates into the mother's blood. 

It could also be a pulmonary embolism, in which a blood clot in the leg breaks off and lodges in the lung tissue. Both of these conditions drop blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels in the blood. That was exactly what had happened to Tracy.

After this tragic event, all the Hermanstorfers wanted was to enjoy life again and especially to enjoy the Christmas party with the rest of their children, Austin, 11 years old and Cannon, 3 years old.

Nothing is acquired in life. You never know what life can do for us. But one thing is certain: nothing is ever finished. Some say it's the miracle of life, others say it's luck. Whatever, we follow our destiny.
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