Married Or Not ... You Will Have To Read The Story Of This Husband

Divorce has a major impact on the family, leaving no one indifferent about it whether short term or long term. Several questions arise around the decision of divorce, is it a wise choice amid conditions such as infidelity, conflict, physical abuse, etc.? Yet the story of this man who filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage will not leave you indifferent, it's a beautiful lesson of life!

Divorce may be the best option for the couple and children when marriage becomes conflictual, but the latter has many negative effects on children, spouses, and family members. Divorce has an impact on people's well-being, but unfortunately the couple often does not consider the impact on the family when they take the path to divorce as a solution to their problems. The person initiating the divorce will justify in his or her own right the right to terminate the marriage, regardless of the obvious pain it will cause. The following story shows how important it is to consider the facts before making the decision to divorce.

Married or not ... You will have to read the story of this husband

The story of this husband is a real life lesson

After 10 years together, this man decided to ask for a divorce, his wife was not upset about this decision, she just wanted to understand the reason. But the husband was afraid to tell him that he did not love her anymore and that he fell in love with another woman!

One day, the husband wrote a divorce agreement that stipulated that his wife could own the house, the car and 30% of his business. The woman glanced at it and tore it into pieces crying.

The next day she decided to write him a letter with his conditions for divorce, the husband started reading the letter and found that all his wife wanted was a month's notice. One month during which she wishes to live a normal life to avoid their son to be disturbed by the situation especially that it coincides with the period of the exams.

On top of that, the woman had a strange request, she wanted her husband to wear her every morning from the bed to the front door. So he started doing it every morning, their son was so happy!

As the days passed, the husband noticed how much he had neglected his wife, he began to observe the features of her face, the old thing that she took during their 10 years of marriage.

The daily physical contact left a lot of thought for the husband, who often thought he was backing away from his divorce petition. He realized that strangely their sense of intimacy grew.

The longer the month passed, the easier it became for the husband to carry his wife, he thought that the physical exercise of each morning made him stronger but in reality it was his wife who became so thin and light.

But his weight had made the husband sad. On the last day, when he held her in his arms, he held her tight and said, "I did not notice that our life lacked intimacy."

As soon as the husband left his wife at the entrance, he rushed to meet his new campaign, and inform him that he no longer wanted to divorce his wife and that although his marriage became boring over the years, he also contributed to his failure.

Before going home that evening, the husband decides to buy a bouquet of flowers from his wife with a note "I will carry you every morning until death separates us".

Once at home, the husband opens the door, runs up the stairs with a smile on his face to find his wife and tell him he does not want to divorce. Unfortunately it was too late, his wife was lying on her bed, she was dead!

The woman had been fighting cancer for several months, but the husband was so busy with his new partner that he did not realize the disease. She knew he did not have much time left to live and did not want to traumatize her son with two consecutive separations. She wanted her child to have a good memory of the relationship of her parents, especially her dad who loved her mom so much and who carried her every day from her bedroom to the front door.

The small details of your life are what really matters in a relationship. It's not the house, the car or the money in the bank. Material goods create an environment conducive to happiness but can never bring happiness.
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