I Had Suicidal Thoughts And I Had Depression. Here's How I Survived And Found Happiness

Suicidal thoughts and depression may occur at some point in our lives. Public Health estimates there would be 3 million depressive patients. Women are the most affected by this disease. However, it affects all ages.

Depression can be manifested by a moody mood, decreased interest in life, sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, fatigue and especially black thoughts. Depression can be due to several factors. These include contextual factors and factors related to personal history. Char Chen, a young Chinese woman, paid the price but one thing saved her ...

Let's discover her story

Sufferings and difficulties have permeated the first days of Char's life. She came from a poor family in southern China. As a child, she was still weak and sick and lacked care. Her father was stubborn, violent and mostly alcoholic and her verbal aggression was an integral part of her life. Her mother was a shy, submissive woman who had sacrificed her teaching job in her hometown to follow her husband to another city, thus losing her status as a recording city. The communist system requires that children be registered at school under the responsibility of the mother but having lost her registration card it meant that her children could not be admitted to school unless she died, this moment the children could be enrolled under the father's responsibility. Her mother's worry about seeing her children deprived of education was such that she decided to sacrifice herself and end her life, leaving behind four children.

The death of her mother left a deep shadow in Char's mind and an unshakeable pain in her heart. Especially since she was the eldest of the family and she had to take care of her three brothers and sisters. Her sadness, corroborated by her father's violence, developed in aggression towards all those who took pity on her or who lacked her respect.

As if her pain was not enough, she began to suffer from a joint disease called rheumatoid arthritis, despite her young age.

Despite these difficulties, she was able, with great courage, to have a bachelor's degree at the age of 16 and to join the University. She ended up graduating, getting married and having a child. However, the burden of her brothers and sisters and the pain caused by her illness had become a burden. No Chinese medicine or practice had been able to overcome this so-called incurable disease by doctors. Her face was devastated by illness and looked older than she was. For her life was a burden and not a gift.

Filled with despair and pain both in body and mind, she had innumerable thoughts of suicide and tried many times to end her life in the hope of seeing her suffering disappear. She jumped several times into the river and even lay down on the tracks. But the idea of seeing her son suffer from suicide as she had in the past, brought her back to reality.

Fortunately, fate decided otherwise and put on the road a colleague's book describing the principles of a meditation practice called "Falun Gong." This book spoke about self-cultivation, an ancient Chinese practice of refinement and improvement of body and mind that consisted of adopting positive thoughts and meditation techniques that brought a positive flow of energy aimed at keeping the body in good health and to awaken the conscience to the maintenance of a good morality.

 how I survived and found happiness

Char, with all her courage and determination, began to learn these techniques with great diligence and regularity. Thus, her pains began to disappear. She was beginning to see life from another angle and had for the first time begun to spread love around her and have faith in the future.

Today, Char moved to Canada with her family and had a PhD at the University. She is happy and fulfilled but the road to get there was full of pain and hardships.

how I survived and found happiness

Courage, perseverance and the strength to fight are essential to overcome one's troubles and solve one's problems. Likewise, cultivating positive thinking by integrating compassion, tolerance and empathy into one's everyday life makes it possible to make our inner and outer lives a haven of peace and happiness, to influence our physical and mental health. and bring us the best of life. Let's make our habit happy.
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