He Discovers A Man Who Drowns Babies. His Reaction Is Terrible

Domestic violence is the lot of several couples and despite the measures taken, many spouses fall under the blows of their partner, especially women.

However, it is not only adults who experience this kind of violence, the children of the couples concerned can also receive shots sometimes fatal. What would you do if you witness violence against a woman or a child? Discover the reaction of this man who reacted to conjugal violence against a woman and her twins.

He Discovers A Man Who Drowns Babies. His Reaction Is Terrible

600,000 women suffer violence each year against 200,000 men. These abusers are usually the current spouse or ex-partner who is seeking revenge. It is also common to see that the children of some of these couples also experience violence because the partner sometimes tends to pour his anger on the children. In any case, this kind of person should be spotted as soon as possible to limit the damage. But what can cause violence within a couple?

Response from the World Health Organization

Ruptures in couples or conjugal violence are most often carried out against women. WHO staff studied potential causes and noted that alcohol is one of the main reasons. Spouses who use alcohol tend not to control their reactions to their wives or children. Another cause of domestic violence is the fact that the woman refuses certain sexual practices. She is therefore considered insubordinate and disrespectful. In order to avenge the rebellious wife, the man may have a tendency to pour on the children, brutalizing them in his own way. Violence on the part of the husband can also occur when the woman begins to suspect the infidelity of her husband and when she dares to talk to him about it. He can receive these reproaches as a lack of consideration and a desire to want to control him and then react, in some cases, by blows.

Unfortunately, many victims of domestic violence succumb to their injuries because they are not rescued in time. Others, on the contrary, manage to get by when someone helps them. This is the case of this mother and her twins whose life was saved by a neighbor.

The neighbor saves their lives!

Cash Freeman was at home on a Friday afternoon in Ada, Okla., When a girl ran to her door to ask for help. He quickly followed him to the next house where he found a scene that left him stunned.

A man was holding a knife on a woman's throat while trying to drown her 3-month-old twins.

The perpetrator was Leland Foster, a 27-year-old man. He had come to the house where his wife, Michelle Forrells, from whom he had separated, lodged with their twins.

He discovers a man who drowns babies

After a while, he managed to get the twins into the bathroom to try to drown them. To prevent the mother from saving the babies, Leland grabbed her with a knife blade in her throat.

Fortunately, the granddaughter of the 12-year-old owner was at home at that time. She quickly went out to ask for help and found Cash. The latter immediately grabbed his revolver and went to the house to help.

As soon as Cash came into the house and saw what was happening, he knew he had to act. He shot twice in the back of Leland, who died on the spot.

He discovers a man who drowns babies

Infants, who were born prematurely, were flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City. Fortunately, they recovered very quickly.

The investigators examined the case to make sure the shootings were justified and to see if Cash should face charges for what he did. Several people, however, approved of Cash's reaction when they heard about this story, because for them, babies would certainly not have survived if he had not intervened in time.

This story shows how violent the couple can be for both spouses and children who, in principle, have nothing to do with it. No matter the reasons for a crisis in a couple, coming to blows must be the situation to avoid. Spouses are supposed to protect themselves and their children, not the other way around.
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